2008: The Year Xbox takes Control of the RPG

Lionhead Studios, Square Enix, Bethesda, Mistwalker and more join in on this developer roundtable at Gameplayer regarding the state of the RPG. The Xbox 360 looking like the superior format for the genre in 2008.

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sonarus4184d ago

its actually quite surprising considering the typical 360 owner is seen as a simple shooter lover. PS3 only has one strong ps3 game coming out this yr(assuming FF13 doesn't make it) and thats white knight story. This game looks crazy awesome. Wonder how good valkyire of the battlefield will be.

ruibing4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Geez this article makes it look like all those companies are making RPG exclusives for the 360.

If we look at the JRPG exclusives, 360's lead on RPG is evident from Eternal Sonata and Tales of Vesperia. Then again Level 5 has had solid hits since Dragon Quest VIII, so I am looking forward to White Knight Chronicles. It's funny how they are kind of opposite to Mystwalker. They had a terrible experience with MS and has refused to work with them since, and their game has been praised for its unique gameplays. If they can just improve the storyline of their games, they would become the perfect developer.

360 fans will have Tales of Vesperia to look forward to, and it should be awesome if it's anything like Tales of Abyss. I am not going to praise Blue Dragon at all, that game almost turned me completely away from JRPGs for awhile. PS3 fans will get Eternal Sonata finally, White Knight Chronicles, Disgaea 3, and Valkyrie Chronicles. A nice balance of strategy, humor, game play, and story across the board.

Dannagar4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

It's my understanding that Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker are working on "Cry On" and an untitled MMORPG for Xbox 360 as well.

Hatchetforce4183d ago

PS3 has only 1 strong game this year? You need to rephrase that before any more people die laughing at you.

SlappingOysters4183d ago

which is the point. Exclusivity doesn't really matter in this argument since the games are appearing on PC as well, not PS3 as well... I would have thought.

I think the X360 has the big name RPGs of 2008, I think there will be plenty of smaller (in profile) gems on PS3.

Then again I have both consoles so I'm in the money regardless.

wageslave4183d ago

The Xbox 360 is already has a better library of JRPG offerings at present.

In 2008 we have Infinite Undiscovery(triAce!), Last Remnant, Dynasty Warriors 6, Tales of Vesperia and Lost Odyssey and others.

And the WRPGs; Too Human, Fable 2(!), Age of Conan, Champions Online, Elveon, Rise of the Argonauts, Sacred 2 : Fallen Angel, Viking: Battle for Asgard and others.

This notion that Xbox 360 is just shooters needs to pay better attention to the sales and the metacritic scores for the entire library.

Xbox 360 is the home of *gamers*.

GUNS N SWORDS4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

and i thought ps3 owners like 3rd person stile games more, but they still keep saying that nothing can top kill zone 2, haze, and residence, like there the best games in the world.

Palodios4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

That list isn't as great as it sounds.

First of all, Dynasty Warriors is not an rpg. You may be thinking of Romance of the three kingdoms? Either way, not exclusive, nor is Last Remant, Fallout, Viking, argonauts and probably not tales.

The only jrpg exclusives I see here are LO and IU. LO has been hailed by all as pretty but mediocre, as was blue dragon. IU may turn out good, but I haven't seen enough of it yet.

I'm a big rpg fan, east and west, but Disgaea and White Knight Story seem much better than the stuff coming out on the 360, and besides Fable and Too human (which are most likely coming out in 2009 anyway) that's a pretty ugly cluster of C-list wrpgs. If the reviews prove me wrong, great, but none of them show any sort of innovation or are really striking in any way.

sonarus4183d ago

lol yea it was a mistake but i figured everyone would be smart enough to see that. Meant to say ps3 has only one strong RPG this yr

DevastationEve4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

disgaea3 has REALLY got nothing, not even comparable to blue dragon.

white knight does looks like good title for the ps3 but it doesn't look like a hard hitting contender against 360's line up.

Palodios4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Disgaea has some of the best gameplay of any jrpg, period. If the generation-old graphics are what you don't like, then fine, but realize that gameplay is what most jrpg fans like. Graphics are good too, but not everything. By all means I'm not saying you're wrong, disgaea may not sell exceptionally well, and it may not be the end all be all game, but it plays like a good game should.

Since I'm talking about mediocre games with bad graphics, I'd like to add Mist of Chaos and Valkryie of the Battlefield, coming out for the Ps3, both rpgs, both a bit shabby on the graphics side.

DevastationEve4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

i once found my self in a ps3 section vouching for blue dragon about graphics in a swarm sony fanatics, now someone seeks to do the same for Disgaea3 ?

fine, i hold no grudges over the mater, you won't find any sony fanatic saying the same thing about blue dragon.

Palodios4183d ago

What does that have to do with me? Just because I own a ps3 and like gameplay makes me a sony fanatic? Mass Effect was the best rpg of 2007, hands down, and I really look forward to Infinite Undiscovery.

I have no problems with Blue Dragon's graphics, personally. A good rpg is a good rpg no matter what it looks like. my problem with BD is that its nothing special, nothing new. When Sakaguchi made FF1, he was a visionary, but with this, he has become generic. Which, as I said earlier, is why I'm really anxious to see what he does when he gets more ambitious. I guess you could refute my arguement by saying that disgaea repeated the formula of its predecessors, but atleast its different from the masses.

GUNS N SWORDS4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

gamers of that era never concerned them selves with graphics, now that people have already got the sats on the ps3, owners of that console seem to act quite the opposite, ignoring any competition in terms of graphics( which is really annoying )

and for a game like DISGAEA 3 to be on there with little visual upgrades as it has, and with little to all most none talking about the mater is SHEER hypocrisy.

foodbox4183d ago

There is no end to the amount of hypocrisy you will find here on N4G. The graphics only go so far to make a game great. New, creative and exciting *situations* is what does it for me.

Lost Odyssey is busting out in that department. It really is a stand-out game. I can't recommend it enough.

cherrypie4183d ago

The "typical" Xbox 360 owner has proven to be the avid-gamer. That's the user base.

GUNS N SWORDS4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )


GO JANSEN!!!!!!!


Chuck Norris4183d ago

As far as I'm concerned, the best RPGs of 2007 all belonged to Sony. Persona 3, Okami, and Odin Sphere.

Richdad4183d ago

It may seem so since the big budget RPG's on 360's are WRPG. Block buster JRPG's like FF are focussing more on PS and WII may be there choice or naything.
But I must tell you WRPG's are changing there was less made earlier but now lot of WRPG's are coming. Also there are lot of people sauing that either JRPG is better or WRPG but anyways good game is all you need, one might be new to might but try should be given to reach any decision. But anyways yeah 360's RPGs are increasing and never expected them in so much numbers also JRPG market is also created in 360 after Lost Odyssey.

Hatchetforce4180d ago

No PSN or Gamertags displayed means you do not have bothe consoles...

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Spike474184d ago

I think that although the xbox360 brings more rpgs the Ps3 has less rpgs but they are more promising.

But overall I have to admit the xbox360 does offer more in that genre.

However I would take final fantasy 13 and final fantsay versus 13 over any xbox360 rpgs any day.

Look at what happened in 2007, folklore got a 9 from ign while blue dragon and army of two and eternal sonata got lower scores.

And lets not forget rpgs on the ps3 like white knight story.

wageslave4183d ago

For the life of me. I cannot understand this "FF over all else idea".

triAce, who has arguably made the best series of RPGs of the last 5 years is making Infinite Undiscovery exclusively for Xbox 360.

Square Enix, who is responsible for FF itself, is making Last Remnant for PS3 & Xbox 360*

Sakaguchi San, who is responsible for FF itself, has made Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and two more Xbox 360 exclusives.

For the life of me, there is no logical belief that FF will be better than *all three* of these games.

It is FF in name only (no Sakaguchi), SE is also making another big JRPG, and triAce has an intact team that was responsible for Star Ocean doing an exclusive Xbox 360 game.

There is NO reason an Xbox 360 owner should really care about FF now that SE is making Last Remnant and Sakaguchi-san has left.

*I'm predicting that LR will be the best SE-developed game of the year. And that presumes FF releases this year.

SE has more to loose if Last Remnant sells poorly or recievd poorly than FF considering the 18Million+ Xbox 360 owners and the only 9M PS3s in the world.

fallfast4183d ago

It pains me to say it, but I think you are right.

I just hope Squeenix doesnt screw us over with a half-assed FF. But, i can see it coming.

Palodios4183d ago

Its true that Sakaguchi created Final Fantasy. However, SE has some great talent, Yoshinori Kitase, Nomura, as well as freelance work by Amano and Uematsu for example. One man doesn't create the final fantasys of today, hundreds do. Sakaguchi isn't quite as ambitious with his new team yet, that's why he's stayed with the basics in his games so far and hasn't tried anything new. Cry On will rock, if it stops imitating and starts innovating.

cherrypie4183d ago

I came here to say the same thing -- bubbles for you wageslave.

robbo9184183d ago

Problem is you had a good point but for me ruined it with your fanboy comment that had this in it..."considering the 18Million+ Xbox 360 owners and the only 9M PS3s in the world."

You have X360 at 18 Mil+ but where is your proof? You keep PS3 at only 9 million and again...where are you getting this? You want to slam VG Chartz because they don't favor your theories but they often are close at least and tend to inflate X360 numbers while deflating PS3's. NPD is reliable to a degree (though it still isn't perfect). If you use VG Chartz you cheated PS3 out of 1.5 million (and technically according to NPD vs VG the PS3 was cheated by nearly 500k on VG, so you could say you cheated them out of 2 million.). Also according to VG you rounded X360 up by several hundred thousand.

Anyway, good post without that part.

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toughNAME4184d ago

...the only thing worse would be JRPG

ktchong4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

PS3 still has lotsa Japanese RPGs. Prolly still more than what Xbox 360 has.

On the other hand, PS3 has absolutely no exclusive *Western* RPG. Nothing. Nada. Nothing currently nor in the pipeline. I'm sure all the Sony fanboys would like to disagree - but can they name one EXCLUSIVE Western RPGs on the PS3 (or the entire PlayStation family for that matter)? Western RPG is a genre that PS3 has completely overlooked and/or ignored.

Western RPG is a big gap and weakness in what the PS3 can offer -- and I know for a fact that many gamers stay away from the PS3 simply because the system lacks the one genre that cater to certain segment of hardcore gamers who specialize in playing Western RPGs.

Xbox 360 has exclusive Western RPG studios like BioWare and Lionhead, as well as exclusive Western RPG titles/franchises like Too Human and KOTOR. That's a problem for the PS3, more or less.

InYourMom4184d ago

are on the PS3 right now?? Folklore??

I don't agree with that statement at all.

meepmoopmeep4184d ago

i agree that the ps3 is in dire need of more exclusive WRPG's. i hope sony keeps the PS well rounded in genres... it looks like the industry just wants to pump out FPS games lately.

ktchong4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

I don't know if the PS3 has any JRPG right now. Many JRPGs never make to the West, so I wouldn't discount that PS3 might have some JRPGs we haven't heard of.

I don't really care about JRPGs anyway. It's a genre that I don't like, and I certainly won't buy a console just to play the genre that I don't like (i.e., Final Fantasy XIII). I've tried playing various incarnations of Final Fantasy -- and they have never retained my attention nor interest for too long. Just don't like JRPGs in general.

On the other hand, I pay attention to Western RPGs. And I know FOR A FACT that the PS3 has ZERO exclusive Western RPGs right now or in the future. If you think I'm wrong, then name me ONE exclusive Western RPGs that are on the PS3 but not Xbox 360 -- either right now or in production.

But you can't -- so you disagree but you can't back it up.

C'mon, name just ONE. ONE exclusive Western RPG on the PS3 -- now or in the future. Just name ONE.

meepmoopmeep4184d ago

the PS3 doesn't have many JRPG's.

Enchanted Arms is decent but multi-platform
Folklore isn't really an JRPG' or RPG for that matter

so RPG fans on the PS3 don't have much to play until later on this year and beyond, but the ones that are coming are worth waiting for imo.

now where the h*ll is Eternal Sonata for PS3!!!

wageslave4183d ago

"it looks like the industry just wants to pump out FPS games lately."

That's not the case for Xbox 360 owners. Sorry.

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