1UP Previews: Battlestations: Pacific

1UP writes: At Game Developers Conference, we sat down with Eidos Studios Hungary's Botond Szalacsi to talk about the still in-development project and sequel to Battlestations: Midway, Battlestations: Pacific. While he couldn't show off the game, nor could he go into any specific details on new game modes, we were able to pull a few nuggets from our brief conversation with him about how the project is coming along.

"The goal behind Battlestations: Pacific is to create a bigger and better game," Szalacsi says. "We collected a lot of feedback from the community on how we could create an epic scale game and the criticisms we received, from the community, was that [Midway] was quite hard to get into, it wasn't easy, the learning curve was quite steep and it was too short of a game."

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toughNAME4188d ago

Just Cause 2 and Battlestations: Pacific in the SAME year!

I <3 Eidos