1UP Previews Saints Row 2

1UP writes: "When Saints Row (XB360) shipped in 2006, it had the luxury of no competition. As the first Grand Theft Auto-style game of this generation, it got a lot of credit for outdoing parts of Rockstar?s popular franchise with better visuals and controls. But with Saints Row 2 on track to ship after GTA4, the crew at developer Volition have gone from having no competition to facing possibly the biggest game of 2008. And now their challenge is to distinguish themselves as more than a good GTA clone.

If you accept THQ's explanation, one main difference between the two series is that GTA is now taking itself more seriously than it has in the past, while Saints Row is going more over-the-top, which seems like a fair comparison".

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t-0_ot-4185d ago

"with online co-op available through the main campaign (and vehicles designed to support two players -- one player can fly a plane while the other takes the gunner seat)" That's always a plus..

It looks good.. not great, though. But, it's the gameplay in this type of game.. and the first was great.. I just wonder how they story will play out.. =/