Q&A: GestureTek Talks Xbox 360 Camera Innovation

Microsoft's Xbox Live Vision Camera launched in the US on September 19th and in Europe and Australia on the 6th of October. The unit, which can is capable of 640x480 video at 30 frames per second, and can take 1.3 megapixel still photos, uses an SDK and gesture sensing technology licensed from computer camera technology company GestureTek, Inc..

The company has been working in the field for over 15 years now, and have previously licensed technology to companies like Hasbro and BMW, and as well as licensing Video Gesture Control patents for Sony's EyeToy unit. The technology is also used in the Vision Camera, with GestureTek releasing a library of VGC tools to Xbox developers in the hope that more sophisticated uses of gesture control will emerge in the future.

Gamasutra contacted Chief Technology Officer and company co-founder Francis MacDougall via email to ask about the camera, and GestureTek's hopes in regards to its usage.

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Sphinx5902d ago

...but I don't see gestrue control as becoming anything that big or fun.

Mikey_Gee5902d ago

The little write up on this page say 640x480 @ 30fps but in the actuall Q&A on the linked site it says 640x480 @ 60fps

So I will go with the builders of the camera and say 60 frames per second video.

I have this little camera and LOVE IT !!

Ravenator5295902d ago

There are a couple of things that need to be done to make the "vision camera" a "must have" accessory.

First off, Lower the price by taking out the headset! I don't need two of them! And most people who don't have one (because they purchased the core) can pick one up with a Live subscription package.

Second, Just give us 800 MS points rather than restricting the free game to Uno. Granted, I would have purchased Uno with the 800 MS points but what about the people who already have it? At least they could use the 800 points to purchase another game that is "vision enabled".

Third, MORE game support!

Now, I will tell you that I do not regret spending the $40. Using the camera to play Uno and see all of the idiots online is great! I haven't laughed so much playing a card game in years! We have even played drinking games while incorporating Uno and the vision cam. It's a lot of fun!

BUT the three things that I listed above would make this accessory a "MUST HAVE"! As of right now, its just plain fun.

Sphinx5902d ago good of a job as MS has done with everything, they can definitely still do things better! Good ideas!

USMChardcharger5902d ago

one issue i see that no one has mentioned. it could bring in a gamer that could not play before.

individuals that are impaired in some way.

it says in the article that the head could be used as the center of control.

I hope, for individuals in this sitiuation, that game developers see this as away for them to play.

There is a lot of young men and women in the military for example that play games that are returning home with damage that leaves them unable to do so.

power of Green 5902d ago

There selling out despite what you think will make it worth buying. Not being hard on you.

Ravenator5295902d ago

Its not selling out around here!? Only one store didn't have them when I called and it was because they only received 3 to begin with. My local Circuit City had at least 10 of them on the shelf. And BTW I purchased mine last week the day after Totem Ball was released. So they had been sitting around for a while.

My point is that IMO it isn't a "must have" item.

Not to say it isn't fun or "worth" the money.

But by no means would I consider it a "must have" accesssory for the 360.


joemutt5902d ago

Sold out in two days, and the last one was actually stolen!! Guy just took off, guess he really wanted that camera.

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