Europe / Others Software Chart for Week Ending March 1st, 2008

VGChartz reports that the Europe / Others software charts for week ending March 1st, 2008 was as follows:

Top 15 Software:

1 Wii Sports (Wii) 92,338 7,101,379
2 Brain Training (DS) 78,718 5,637,757
3 More Brain Training (DS) 66,129 3,494,570
4 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS) 65,510 335,431
5 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) 51,928 1,601,329
6 Maths Training (DS) 45,755 161,157
7 Wii Play (Wii) 42,904 3,118,981
8 Lost Odyssey (360) 42,415 42,415 [NEW]
9 Pokemon Diamond / Pearl (DS) 41,098 3,681,831
10 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PSP) 39,887 39,887 [NEW]
11 Frontlines: Fuel of War (360) 36,553 36,553 [NEW]
12 Nintendogs (DS) 36,450 9,195,890
13 Sight Training (DS) 34,479 917,203
14 Devil May Cry 4 (PS3) 32,317 285,255
15 Imagine: Babies (DS) 31,818 728,629

Other New Releases:

24 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PS3) 23,159 23,159 [NEW]
26 Lost: The Videogame (PS3) 21,625 21,625 [NEW]
29 Lost: The Videogame (360) 19,371 19,371 [NEW]

Software Totals: (Last Week #)

DSL: 698,661 (661,722)
Wii: 485,992 (558,883)
PS3: 290,337 (302,203)
360: 272,805 (220,312)
PSP: 81,533 (37,924)
PS2: 55,830 (63,299)

And Hardware Numbers as reported earlier:

DSL: 173,987 (+12%)
Wii: 92,338 (-7%)
PS3: 75,390 (-4%)
360: 47,735 (+8%)
PSP: 45,623 (0%)
PS2: 41,311 (-5%)

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PirateThom4191d ago

More magic numbers taken from nowhere.

Fox014191d ago

i'm so glad Lost Odyssey is in the top 10; it's a great game.I just don't know why this game keeps getting bad reviews though.

Blademask4191d ago

Uhm... Can you prove that VGChartz is absolutle 100% off from the TRENDS of the PS3 selling more than the 360?

Everyone talks smack about VGChartz, yet its always within the right trend of sales. If anything, they are always off with the PS3 numbers that NPD/Mediacreate usually proves to be higher.

So, whats the beef with VGCHARTZ? Everyone knows it isn't 100% accurate, its an estimate, which again, is always close, and when they are wrong, they correct it.

PirateThom4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Lost Odysee - Yeah, I keep meaning to buy it. The biggest complaint seems to be that it's too much like older Final Fantasy games. I don't really see this as being a negative.

@Blademask - I didn't say the PS3 isn't outselling the 360, it's obvious it is, no one can deny that, but where are they getting these numbers from? Estimates are one thing, but there's absolutely no European tracking system that release numbers to make educated guesses with. My beef isn't with VGChartz, it's with the fact they are releasing these numbers and fanboys from both sides use them as fact, when they're not remotely close to it.

Bathyj4191d ago


X people like to complain about VGCharts to ease the suffering of losing. We say it over and over and over again. THEY ARE NOT ACCURATE. Dont bet your house on these numbers. But as long as we all know this, whats the Big FKN deal? They're STILL a good guess and they're STILL the best we have week but week until official company numbers come out months later.

Do I have to point out NPD aren't completely accurate either. They dont even count alot of things like smaller stores. Its all just to give a gauge, or an idea of whose winning and VG does that.

When we watch a race we dont have to have 1000th of a second lap times, we just want to know who won.

mikeslemonade4191d ago

And how do you know the numbers are not remotely close? In reality the numbers are close enough to judge if X is selling more than Y. I don't really care if the specific #s are 100% accurate(not even NPDs are 100% accurate) but if they're accurate enough then we can see the sales gap. They can't be off by more than 50%. And when PS3 was losing the #s were believed to be real, but now PS3 is winning and all of a sudden the #s are fake.

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Obama4191d ago

Ps3 has continued to outperform its opponent 360 in software and hardware departments. Don't listen to the smear that ps3 has less software attachment than the 360. As president I shall ensure that this trend will continue. Yes We Can! Yes We Can!

I am Barack Obama and I approve this message.

InYourMom4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Not one PS3 game in the top 10 and it's outselling 360 in software.. Hrm.. Yeah, typical "accurate" VGChartz.

Btw what do you have to say about this criminal connection? "Yes we can" yeah right, how about "How can we?" which he seems to not be able to give an answer.

Why do you share such similar writing styles and have that black piece of plastic up your arse like DarkSniper or Nasim?? I guess when you get enough fake accounts you can give yourself bubbles. The mod's need to take a close look at your account(s).

Obama4191d ago

Another smear by senator InYourMom. I want to make this clear : I am neither darksniper and naism nor did I give myself bubble. I am also not a piece of black plastic for that matter. I have also realized that someone has been tracking me. It's reasonable that someone like senator InYourMom may get too fanatic due to my passion for the ps3 nation. Here, have a glass of water.

Snukadaman4191d ago

you can immediately recognize that terrible spelling and composition of nasim very this is the person that does kaz,billgates and various other gets dumb after awhile though..spouting the same nonsense but under different guises.

Obama4191d ago

Now we are getting into the silly season of politics, where gamers falsely accuse another as an impersonator. We should instead focus on the issue that matters, which is that ps3 will win this race.

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4191d ago
TruthBTold4191d ago

Dont know what all the negative reviews are about. The game has the characteristics of previos FF games which is a GOOD thing cause its what made those games fun. I guess they cant appreciate the same old fun.

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