1UP Reviews Lost: Via Domus

1UP writes: "ahead and skip this one. Ubisoft's Lost: Via Domus does nothing to entice new viewers into the fold, but rather plays it safe and caters strictly to the dedicated audience members who just so happen to share a love of gaming, too.

Hopefully the prospect of exploring some of the most beautifully rendered virtual jungle landscapes burned to a disc (rivaling and surpassing the mighty Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in some cases -- oh, yes, I went there) intrigues you; there's little action or adventuring found in Via Domus. Instead it relies on the prospect of exploring a Lost world in which you're the cameraman. There aren't many good ideas that come to mind when one imagines a Lost "game," which probably explains most of Via Domus' missteps. Fan service is fine -- what Lost fan wouldn't kill for a chance to walk around inside the hatch? -- but if a game's going to use fantasy trappings as a crutch, there had better be some damn good fan service".

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Asurastrike4002d ago

Didn't this get a 9/10 last week from some other site?

permutated4002d ago

Better looking jungles than Uncharted?

I thought 1up gave good reviews, but now, I don't know...

**Cancels his free EGM subscription**