1UP Reviews Jumper: Griffin's Story

1UP writes: "The recent box-office success enjoyed by director Doug Liman's Jumper proves that the moviegoing public can still be tricked into paying 10 bucks to consume something awful -- in this case, a sloppy sci-fi romp starring Samuel L. Jackson's bleached hairdo and a wooden-as-ever Anakin Skywalker -- but hopefully, gamers will be savvy enough to jump far, far away from the flick's fetid tie-in title.

For the uninitiated, the term "jumper" refers to people with the power to teleport to any location they've seen, whether they've been there in person or merely seen a photograph. Think: X-Men's Nightcrawler, only without the annoying tail or obnoxious "bamf" sound effect. In the Jumper universe, these gifted individuals must contend with constant strife from the Paladins, a secret society of high-tech warriors hell-bent on eradicating all Jumpers. Surprisingly, Jumper: Griffin's Story doesn't attempt to directly retell the film's plot, choosing instead to augment the movie's storyline by casting you as fellow jumper Griffin. Props should be given for trying something different with the narrative, but the results aren't particularly pretty -- what little story you're given here arrives via comic-book-style cut-scenes that suffer from nasty video compression and uneven voice acting".

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