1UP Reviews Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

1UP writes: "Xbox 360 owners have been enjoying Lost Planet: Extreme Condition's delights for a little over a year now; the tangible crunch of romping through snow-covered vistas lends itself to a unique solo adventure, as high-tensile cables and grappling hooks punch holes into icy ledges everywhere Bionic Commando-style in the still-vibrant online community. Now that the buzz -- and a year's worth of downloadable content -- has worn off of the 360 version's debut, PlayStation 3 owners can finally get their hands on this reboot and find out what all the fuss was about.

Lost Planet exists in two worthwhile flavors: offline and online. It's a neat double-bill that trumps Capcom's other successful current-gen games like Devil May Cry and Dead Rising. Nei-ther exists at the expense of the other. The story mode is a narrative-driven tour of the game's stages while the online extends the zip-line grapple 'n' gunplay action indefi-nitely. It's arguably Capcom's most complete gaming package yet".

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TheHater4186d ago

shouldn't a C+ be a 7.8 because a C is 70-79. So a 6.8 would be a D+. Am I correct?

TheWickedOne4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

The 6.8 is this sites Meta score. Their average score of all Lost Planet PS3 game reviews. The C+ is just what 1UP gave it. Of course I could be wrong and misunderstand what you meant.