Joystiq hands-on: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

From : "Admittedly, the game is not going to blow your next-gen socks off in the graphics department, but it is fun to play if you're into this sort of game. Think Gauntlet meets the Marvel universe. At times we got caught up watching the cinematics, and would have rather watched a whole feature-length movie of those than try to whack our way to the end of the next level. Another bummer was the flying. Characters that can fly in the comics can fly in the game, although they hit an invisible ceiling at about 10 meters when outside. This is an unfortunate limitation, because when we hopped on Silver Surfer's cosmic board for the first time, it was tempting to just jet around the place and hang ten. Alas, we had to settle for surfing through hordes of enemies instead of the cosmos, since he kept hitting the ceiling"

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