GameStop to begin God of War III reservations tomorrow

According to, starting March 5th, EB Games and GameStop stores nationwide will begin taking reservations for God of War III.

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Hagaf224186d ago

so this means tomorrow stories will be submitted with the random date that gamestop list as the release, of course which will have no backing. cant wait for the game though.

NoUseMerc4186d ago

Yeah, so dont expect an official release date or anything, but I will make sure to update the PSU article with whatever Gamestop has.

They may give God of War III a new title or there might be a special edition listed. Who knows.

sonarus4186d ago

lol. just another fabulous ps3 exclusive. They are so many now i am losing count

Rice4186d ago

So does anyone know wen this game might get released...

timmyp534186d ago

so i can buy GOW 2. God of War 3 will be awesome. XD

Serjikal_Strike4186d ago

I'll reserve it when I go buy Army of Two!

ReconHope4186d ago

i have to pick up god of war 2 before i get this though.

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The story is too old to be commented.