IGN gives a progress report on Huxley

The silence is broken with new details, screenshots and movies.

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Boldy4002d ago

The game looks interesting enough and the 100 vs. 100 battles are a little enticing. My only question is would this cost a subscription to play online or will your xbox live subsciption cover it?

misterssippi4002d ago

your gold membership is your subscription. Everytime they show this game it looks better, tenfold.

Boldy4002d ago

Good that's what I was worried about. I might gonna have to look more into this game. It sounds pretty good.

Leathersoup4002d ago

... Xbox Live contract does state that if there are any charges required for a game, they will not be covered by the Xbox Live membership. As such any MMOs that come to the Xbox will most likely require an additional fee that you will have to pay besides your membership fee.
This being said. If you're only a Silver member you can still play MMO type games on Xbox, only having to pay the fee of the MMO. Well at least that's what I read from their information.

miked8084002d ago

I also had to pay an additional fee for that darn Phantasy Star Universe.

green4002d ago

Its like 1st half of 09 will be for MMO's on the 360,with APB,CHAMPIONS ONLINE and now HUXLEY all shipping around that time.We might even see Age of Conan as well

Leathersoup4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

You've said the same thing in both Huxley stories.

4002d ago
TheMART4002d ago

As about all PS3 games are delayed for YEARS and not for months?

GT5 should have been here around launch PS3, MGS4 a few months after, KZ2 a year ago. Are there any games not delayed untill 2009 for the PS3?

Dave20014002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Mart GT5(the full game I'm assuming your talking about) was never meant to come out at launch and Killzone 2 was never going to be released in 2007.

The only game that your right about being delayed was MGS4 and that is basically done all they are doing now is fixing whatever bugs there are in the game.

Once again your trolling go to the open zone where you belong.

Leathersoup4001d ago

I can't even point out trolls without fueling other trolls. This site is on a slippery slope downhill.

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games4fun4002d ago

i told you guys it looked like a unreal tournament only less graphical and guess what games influenced them? UT and Quake mentioned and admitted by them also the article states it will be coming sometime in 2009. anyways the game looks a lot better but it might just be the extremely small video they showed but it does seem to hold some potential.

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