2008 Predicitions - Nintendo finishes their three part series on 'Predictions 2008. This piece looks at the Nintendi Wii.

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Harry1904184d ago

look bad for nintendo when they
will try to enter the real next gen

Intrepid4184d ago

I have to disagree. They've already opened up a huge audience. Hardware sales are incredible and more recently, software sales have increased substantially. Also, I think 3rd party support will get better; not flawless, but much better. (It can't go anywhere else but up.)

saprano4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

the wii is a low powered harderware, thats why its so cheap. but like harry said it will be bad for them if they decide to make a real nexgen console nextime around.why? cause the price is not going to be the same as the wii for one. its going to be higher and its not going to sell as good the wii did,and for people that think nintendo can just make another system like the wii, i dont think so. the next round of consoles is gonna be so advanced that nintendo is not going to have a choice but join in on the powerful hardware specs. im sorry but people is not going to accept another outdated system compared to whats gonnabe availible.

Harry1904184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

add to that the fact that nintendo is not particularly
favored or known for hardware development.obviously
they don't or no more have the same backing or experience
that ms and sony have for hardware related research and
development.they will have to rely on existing technology
which means standardized blu-ray drive,wi-fi,bluetooth,
substantial hdd and so on,which means additonal costs and expensive incredible as it seem,nintendo is in a bottleneck when it comes to planning for the simply won't be able to cater for the same casual quick frills low cost audience.and they probably
aren't even considering digital distribution as a viable means to cut down expenditure on future software.there is also very little chance that they do actually possess the know-how to challenge the ps3 in terms of specs or the 360,though it would be easier.

Leathersoup4184d ago

Catering to a market of casual gamers doesn't sound like a future market. Unlike people who buy PS3 and 360 consoles, the new market that Nintendo has garnered are not hardware hungry. I'm guessing that they will be happy with their Wii and their Wiisports.
I'm not saying that there aren't people with Wiis that will want a "next big thing" console, but those people aren't the new market, they're the loyal Nintendo customers.

Although they now have this broader audience, the big trick for Nintendo is figuring out a way to convince their new customer base to get a new console when they're ready to put another one out.
I'm not sure how they're going to do that.

Harry1904184d ago

what i meant.civilized discussions are so enjoyable.
they have failed in 'educating' their current audience.
metroid,zelda and mario sales are superb but not a farcry from
their equivalent gamecube sales.why?because only the same loyal
nintendo fans are buying these games.there may be eventually,
an increase because of the curiosity factor,but nothing substantial
enough to enforce the idea that a future console will
keep up with wii standards.the really impressive sale figures are those of wii play,sports,fit.running out of bubbles now.

Vizion264184d ago

You fanboys need to sing a new tune. This is getting pretty old. Every time there is some news about the Wii, Sony and Microsoft fanboys come on the thread to post some anti-Wii drivel. If you don't like the Wii, then don't play it. Plain and simple. Spewing irrational hatred towards it is not going to drive down sales of it as it has been outselling the 360 and PS3 combined worldwide for just about every month.

Seriously, what are you doing wasting time hating on the Wii on the internet? Shouldn't you be spending that time playing your awesome 360 or PS3?

Harry1904184d ago

but i do not consider this as an attack.i do not hate it
and i do play a lot.we may heave singled out a particular
group of gamers but have in no way far as this discussion goes some sensible points were made on the future of nintendo.i do not hold a grudge against the wii,it has done nothing to me that would have me whining about are entitled to have your own take/perspective on the matter and we do respect that.your frustration is also legitimate due to the fact that biased attacks
on a particular console are profligate on this site lately.but i think we have reached an interesting point in the discussion to which you could share your own welcomed opinion as a nintendo fan.we are onto something nice now,let's just not mitigate it with random what does nintendo has up its sleeves for the post-wii era.assuming the lifespan of the machine is shortened.

SovereignSnaKe4184d ago

Seems that Nintendo, is kind of repeating History. They released a Mind Blowing system in the 80's. Then released the Upgraded Legendary SNES. Also when i see Wii Fit arriving in May, it reminds me of the Foot Pad, from the NES...ahhh World Class Track Meet!. So I think the Wii is like a new begining, then the Super Wii or whatever they call the next system..Will have superior graphics, improved motion control, and a massive hard drive. I'm sure Nintendo doubted this whole Wii concept would even take off. No sense in pouring a ton of money into something that could surely crash and burn. (I'm lookin at you 3D0))The Wii is like a stepping stone for Big things to come.

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The story is too old to be commented.