Final Fantasy XIII Report: Lightning and Crystal Tools

The Final Fantasy XIII Podcast has reported on all the happenings over recent Final Fantasy XIII news in their latest episode, including news on lead FFXIII character Lightning as well as Crystal Tools (formerly the White Engine).

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Rice4001d ago

Can anyone tell me what they say.. right now im too lazy to listen to it....

gEnKiE4001d ago

lol.....I was hoping the same thing..

SUP3R4001d ago

likewise, I'm really not feeling the whole podcast listening vibe right now (-_-)

Shaka2K64001d ago

The best RPG ever only possible on PS3.

enjoy your 4 disks flops xbois.

ruibing4001d ago

Now now, I just want JRPG to remain as popular as ever. There has been too many great series that has been discontinued: Xenosaga, Shadow Hearts, and more. For them to stay on the PS3 simply means I won't need to purchase a 360 anytime soon.

InYourMom4001d ago

Do you feel better now?

It's the best RPG ever and you haven't even played it? Okay fella

Theo11304001d ago

Just get it out so the lemming can get ready for the next 5 FF

ruibing4001d ago

The FF series set the standard for all other JRPGs. The newest release should be nothing less than epic.

Bonsai12144001d ago

i hope madrid looses tomorrow.

i actually want to see some shots of the crystal tools. (white engine was such a cooler name) so we can get an idea of what the graphics will be like.

from my inferences (and like half the internet's), just watch the part where Lightning walks through the jungle in the original trailer.

meepmoopmeep4001d ago

you have no interest in JRPG's yet you have no life but to come on a FF news thread to state your opinion? lame.

name4001d ago

OMFG Lemming= microsoft, Cow= sony, Sheep= nintendo

STOP CALLING PS3 owners lemmings. Don't use the words unless you understand what they mean.