US Airforce Wants 300 40GB PS3s

It looks like the United States Air Force needs some heavy research machinery at a low cost. Who do they turn to? The PlayStation 3, 300 of them to be exact.

"The Air Force Research Laboratory is conducting a technology assessment of certain cell processors. The processors in the Sony PlayStation 3 are the only brand on the market that utilizes the specific cell processor characteristics needed for this program at an acceptable cost."

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decapitator4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

PS3 to be used as missle launchers confirmed ? Oh nooes.

Makes one wonder though, what the hell with they want with 300 PS3's ? or could they be getting ready for SOCOM: Confrontation? Seems like it.

EDIT: I know is about research, just trying to be funny, you know...:)

cmrbe4185d ago

Yeah when they are not using it for reasearch they will be using it for warhawk and socom umm. The person that recommended the PS3 must have other ulterior motives umm. j/k.

BrianC62344185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

No, the PS2 was the console that was supposed to be powerful enough that terrorists could use it to launch missiles. If that's true just think what they could do with the PS3. With power comes responsibility. I just hope Jack Thompson doesn't figure this out.

Jeanne4185d ago

"No, the PS2 was the console that was supposed to be powerful enough that terrorists could use it to launch missiles."


What the hell is the obsession with console fans to spout blatantly obvious false information. Ten seconds with google could have saved you from making an ass of yourself.

In 2000 there was no chip that could come close to matching the EE in the PS2 for computational power vs size/heat/power. The Iraqi military was claimed to have bought a few thousand PS2s for potential military use. No other chip in 2000 could be bought that the cutting edge chip technology in the EE.

It is disgusting to see just how pervasive the Arab == terrorist racism is in the public.

uxo224185d ago

Why wouldn't the Air Force do their research by going to the makers of the cell processors. Besides, what are you going to learn with 300 PS3s that you couldn't learn with 10.

Also, DOD research information being released to the public for the world to ponder. I think not. Unless they are buying them for the after school programs at all of the bases. But, those programs are not funded by the Air Force.

Lastly, the Air Force would have aquired these things through direct channels using their contracting department. Not the internet through web posting.

-EvoAnubis-4185d ago

You really need to bone up on your gaming history. Brian is making reference to a rumor that went around when the PS2 first came out. Something about Saddam trying to get a bunch of PS2's for the purpose of launching missiles. In fact, here's a link for that:

To quote yourself, "Ten seconds with google could have saved you from making an ass of yourself." Learn to take your own advice.

Bubble Buddy4185d ago

sigh, to play of course, rofl.

Hagaf224185d ago

at uxo,

i believe you have a very short understanding of the air force, first the image you see is a contract request, thats them requesting funds for them-the air force isnt going to best buy to buy ps3s- if you read it- "the contractor shall provide the following items on a firm fixed price basis" meaning they arent going to best buy, the are going through sony directly, secondly the air force is most likely going to allocate them to bases/squadrons who need them, i would go on the guarantee that all 300 will not be in one location it will be divided among which ever research facilities are needing them, lastly if the af does get these ps3s for their research its either going to be unclassified research or classified, either way the odds of you ever finding their reports isnt likely the common american doesnt care or have a need to know about military research.

uxo224185d ago

I will send you a message to explain my position to you.

Armyless4185d ago

on a History channel show.

Suki034185d ago

Good to know that America would of saved a trillion dollars on the war if they used the PS3 for military research.

Merovee4185d ago

He did state the truth, and who the hell said anything about Arabs == Terrorists? Stop smoking dope.

KozmoOchez4185d ago

they really wanna use it to simulate war...and play MGS4

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Tempist4185d ago

Testing the skillz of the Aliens eh?

bourner4185d ago

just wondering why they would use the ps3 . surly there are more powerful thinks out there now

BrianC62344185d ago

If you want to spend hundreds of millions but they don't have to. Scientists know what they're doing with the Cell processor and how to use the power. And the PS3 is a cheap way to get Cell computers.

bourner4185d ago

is it like the dual core where they havent got the full potential but the ps3 cell has its full potential and at a good price ?

hfaze4185d ago

They probably saw the kind of results the [email protected] project has been getting with the PS3. Don't forget that the PS3 is basically a SIMD supercomputer (although only 256MB of system RAM does limit its potential as a supercomputer).

I'm still curious on why they wouldn't go with Mercury Computer Systems' Cell based blade servers/add-in cards.

They are nowhere near as cheap as the PS3, but pack a LOT more RAM... Dual Cells, 1GB XDR RAM with 4GB of DDR2 RAM... FAR better suited to any kind of major number crunching.

CaliGamer4185d ago

Big brother AKA the PS3 is watching you. LOL.

As Bush would say, "You can hook them up to the INTERNETS." ROFL.

Good stuff.

Rice4185d ago

This is the second article today about the cell processor... The black hole article and this, i bet u soon the cell processor will also help for the cure of aids...

decapitator4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

I know is helping with cancer now. PS4 is reserved for helping out with AIDS.

Asurastrike4185d ago

PS3 is already helping cure Cancer.

Harry1904185d ago

that's no subject to be joking about

VigorousApathy4185d ago

Appropriateness aside they just come off as really stupid. PS3's are perfectly suited to help cure the diseases mentioned. And they are now at this very moment being used to help study Alzheimer's disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, Mad Cow disease, cystic fibrosis, and Huntington's disease among others using distributed computing.

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