Best Buy: No PS3/Wii Pre-Orders

Best Buy confirmed this week that they will not be taking pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 or the Wii. A company spokesman told me earlier this week that Best Buy has decided they would rather just sell both consoles on launch day because it's more exciting that way.

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Sphinx5900d ago

...maybe I'll camp out and get a PS3 and then sell it on ebay. Then again, I should save my sick day for camping out for the Wii since I actually want to own that one at launch.

andy capps5900d ago

I've been thinking about using one of my sick days for camping out and actually playing it at launch. :)

TOM5899d ago

why canp out? there are more than enough to go around. Walk in,pay for it,walk out.

Jak4ever5900d ago

Dude, its gonna be a mad house come Black Friday..I rather just wait till like May 07 when it gets calm.

HRP5900d ago

I'm pre-ordering my Wii @ Gamestop. Perhaps I'll camp outside of Best Buy anyways on PS3 launch day and sell it on ebay.

Scythesean5899d ago

The guy at Gamestop told me they are going to be getting tons of them and that there is a very small chance of being a shortage. Nintendo is making them by the truck loads and he said you'll be able to walk in and get one.


if you guys going to camp out ... do it in a sony oficial store like the one in manhattan they will have at lease 50 or 100 ... i got my PSP there and they make a party and all free

andy capps5900d ago

I really wish they had one here, I'd go in and drool at all the TV's and the Vaio laptops. My in-laws have one of the new Vaio laptops (not the one with the Blu-ray drive) and it's great. Very stylish and light. Only thing I don't like about it is that the speakers are pretty quiet.

Scythesean5899d ago

Last year for the 360 a women told me she was at Sam's and that the guy rolled out a pallet of 360's and then cut the wrapping and suddenly everyone went nuts grabbing them. She said she grabbed one and then another women took it from her hands. She said she grabbed another one and some guy tackled her around the ankles the Security Guards had to pull the guy off of her. He was arrested for assault, all because he wanted a 360.

Sphinx5899d ago

...yeah, those assault charges were dropped, I pleaded temporary insanity :)

kmis875899d ago

Yeah this kind of crap happens, especially when parents are trying to get the things that their children want the most for christmas. Remember how bad the cabbage patch kids and tickle me elmo crazes got?

andy capps5899d ago

It'll happen, you can bet on it. I'm hoping to be ok at Best Buy or maybe Sam's Club.

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