Games Radar: Saints Row 2 Preview

Saints Row 2 looks set to have the best character creation option Games Radar have ever seen. You see, while wrestling games or RPGs may let you make characters that look cosmetically different or you're your favourite/most hated celebrities, Saints Row 2 integrates this character into the gameplay much more convincingly.

For starters, there are six voices to choose from. Games Radar assume this means six different voice actors were involved in recording dialogue just for the main character. Games Radar like the sound of that.

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Silellak4008d ago

One thing I've never understood - from what I've read, this game is a direct sequel to Saints Row, and you play the same character you did in the first one.

I assume then, that even if you choose a woman or another appearance not available in SR, that it's just assumed you DID look like that in the first game? Or maybe it IS an entirely new character?

Guess we'll find out. Customization DOES look great, though.

Jamegohanssj54008d ago

I see something to increase the breast size, so that means I can actually make myself in the game I think. I have man boobs, so it will be perfectly fine for myself. I love boobs!

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