Fanboys Are Ruining Our Gaming Sites

Richard Windsor of Aeropause decided to write an article discussing how fanboy media is really starting to infiltrate more of the quality gaming sites on the web, including

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Silellak4001d ago

I love the picture.

He's right, to some extent, though I think he over-focuses on Sony fans. It's more of a problem with N4G in general - the Gamer Zone isn't QUITE patrolled enough for blatant fanboy posts (though it's still much better than before the divide).

But worse, is that there's nothing stopping fanboys from doing one of two things:

1) Mass-approving articles that praise a certain console yet are little more than rehashes of previous articles
2) Mass-reporting articles that might actually be valid yet are somehow anti-their console of choice

Though really, without diving the entire site into a "Gamer Site" and "Open Site", I'm not sure what else can be done. Being a *community* news site, it sort of goes without saying that you'll see *all* sides of the gaming community. And some sides of it are pretty ugly.


fenderputty4001d ago

Probably close to two years. I've seen the site be dominated by 360 fanboys and turn into mostly PS3 fanboys. Both act like morons and point fingers at the other as an excuse for their own childish behavior.

You're right though. It is user based and because of that will be supseptible to such things. Splitting the commenting sections into zones does help too.

Silellak4001d ago

I've heard that 360 fanboys used to dominate (only been coming a few months myself), and I find it interesting that the tides have sort of turned.

I wonder if the 360 fanboys just left, or if there are more PS3 fanboys showing up now that the PS3 is doing better and selling more.

deeznuts4001d ago

neither. when things are going bad, what can you say? you have less arguments.

either way fanboys are just dumb.

fenderputty4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

probably a combination of both. Good news has brought out the worst PS3 fans. Some of them have felt the need to inact revenge I guess. It has been wierd to watch the site go from one group to another. None of it's good though. I don't mind people who support their system, lord knows I support mine. I just wish people would do it with some tact and class.

I know sometime trolls get the best of me. One thing that helped me, is I just set the system to ignore people with 3 or less bubbles. lol
Sometime I move it to two though.

sonarus4001d ago

lol the fanboys are still around you can see faint traces of them in the random disagrees you get in your comments lol

But serious. i don't think the fanboys have left as majority of them who used to bash ps3 last yr are still here. The mart is still here havnt seen Nasim in AGES lol. (Remember how sony defense force was revealed to be run by wii60 haha classic. Good times last yr). Bottom line because of the lack of positive 360 news and more importantly the lack of negative ps3 news the 360 fanboys are simply no longer as vocal as they used to be. You still see power of green trolling +ve ps3 posts but that has been greatly reduced. Hardly see the mart in ps3 posts anymore. On the other hand the ps3 owners who were here last yr had bad news rubbed in their faces by 360 fanboys. It was terrible. I had a 360 and a ps3 and i was oh so close to selling my ps3 because of it. They psychological effects are astounding. Really everywhere i went there was a 360 fanboy making me feel like i had just wasted 800 dollars(PS3+hdmi+game+extra controller). So ps3 fanboys really shouldn't feel bad in the society we live in its an eye for an eye. So we ps3 owners are going to get ours and be rubbing it in 360 faces all yr lol. Better luck next yr though

fenderputty4001d ago

remeber the articles about how the PS3 consumed more electricity making even more expensive than the 360? LOL good time indeed last year.

moparful994001d ago

This guy sounds like a child to me.. In anything that humans discuss, sports, cars, dating, food preferences anything has its share of people that act completely stupid.. But the fact that he calls out sony fanboys whenever all of last year this entire site was anti ps3 pro 360 shows his bias. Alot of sony fans dont say anything unless provoked, although there are a few sony fanboys that take it to far.. All you have to do is go to the open zone to find them.... I myself only respond whenever 360 fans say things that arent true or are taken out of context.. But oh well if he doesnt want to come here then thats his choice....

sonarus4001d ago

hahaha @ fenderputty almost forgot that one. Wow good times last yr indeed.

Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM4001d ago

People rant and rave about fanboys and even write articles about the subject (obviously), but without fanboys most of these sites wouldn't be enjoying the bountiful harvest, nor (especially N4G) benefit immensely from the driving of hit counters, ad hits, and digg traffic, etc.. to their sites.

It's a two way street.

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EasilyTheBest4001d ago

I aint posted in ages, Just dont see the point.I have 20 disagrees lose bubbles and feel like if Ive just raped somebodys mum..
Id gladly pay monthly for it too.
Either that or just BAN the FANBOY SHXT talkers.

Percy4001d ago

Why are you in the open zone then you should go to the gamer zone where its moderated or did you get kicked here because you are actually a fanboy in denial. I like it here in the open zone and this is where ill stay if i wanted serious conversation i would not go to a forum and expect it you never know who your talking too. Anonymity is the glory of the internet. (i know i spelt that form of anonymous wrong but for some reason spell check is blocked by the security here at work)

Exhaust4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

If you get on forums and fill them with biased fanboy talking points then you have a sad, sad life. These idiots only drive in life is to make some snappy comments on a forum to get approvals and virtual "high fives" from their fellow idiots.

This site is no place for reason or real discussion. Its now devolved into a lord of the rings type pissing contest between fanboy zealots. Who can be the biggest blindest corporate cheerleader wins.

moparful994001d ago

Then why are you here? You are attacking people on this site whenever your here posting your opinion on the matter.. For what, what do you gain from calling others out whenever your commenting on here as well?

Exhaust4001d ago

I attack people? Point out a comment where I attacked someone like you? You can't. Just looking at your comment history I can see several times you called people stupid and "kid". Give it up dude you just can't handle anything negative said about the console you worship. You're the reason for this article.

mariusmal4001d ago

yeah. but here at n4g they changed to comments zones, it's a step in the right direction. i understand that everyone has the right of opinion, but me and other users need a flamesuit sometimes.

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