PS3 80GB out of stock at online retailers

Sony Corp.'s 80GB Playstation 3 is out of stock at major online retailers as the hardware increases in popularity in the states.
Online divisions for, Best Buy Co., Circuit City stores, and Wal-Mart stores all held an out-of-stock status for the $499 80GB PS3.

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Silellak4184d ago

Looks like we're seeing the results of Blu-ray's victory in the format war. It's no longer a "risk" to buy a PS3 with regards to watching HD movies, so I imagine this trend will continue.

As I've said before - people like me may've attacked Sony last year for their use of a Blu-ray "Trojan horse" in the PS3 similar to their DVD "Trojan horse" in the PS2, but - despite our predictions - it looks like it's paid off for Sony twice now.

Either that, or DMC4 is a LOT more popular than I gave it credit for.

CaliGamer4184d ago

To say you were a detractor last year and own up to your mistake as it was, kudos to you.

Hopefully now you will choose your words carefully and really think through the reasons for your conclusions, or just wait and see what happens which is usually the best option.

I do disagree that Blu-Ray is the only factor thought it does make the PS3 more attractive, but I believe that the dreaded reliability issues are also a factor. Overall I think we can agree that for the future of anyones overall entertainment the PS3 is the best option with all it's standard features.

Silellak4184d ago

My criticsm had mostly to do with the fact that the Blu-ray drive increased the price of the PS3 to what was, in my mind, an unreasonable level. Sony dropped the price much faster than I expected to counter that problem, though.

I still think this is why the 360 didn't have an HD media drive. Think about it - people estimated the Blu-ray drive in the PS3 added about $200 to the cost. How much would an HD-DVD drive in the 360 have added to ITS cost back when the 360 was first released, a year before the PS3?

I agree that the unreliability of the 360 is playing a role in the PS3's success, too, to sadly enough. Microsoft is paying a big price for releasing the 360 so early. I still think it's a great system, but Microsoft seems determined to make me feel as stupid as possible for that opinion.

Honestly, I'd probably own a PS3 already if I didn't have an older CRT 1080i HDTV.

CaliGamer4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Have to do with owning a PS3? Last I checked most games supported 1080i now, but to each his own I guess.

I just think as a software company MS is looking to change the video game industry into something like the PC industry where you upgrade every 5 to 6 years to something new, in my opinion that explains their use of DVD9 and their apparent indifference about the reliability issue. I think this model isn't why people buy consoles.

Sony's while I hate to use this, is in some respects "Future Proof" in the sense that it does take into account expansion of the needs of developers years down the road.

I don't think MS is an evil company, I just believe that their model for consoles is not what console owners want.

For the most part to play any game that comes out on the PS3 to the fullest i can buy the cheapest PS3 and have it work, not true as of right now with the 360.

You generally have some good thoughts, but I think that you are stuck in that mindset that the 360 has more games and always will that many fall into on this site. I think if you really sat down and thought about the total package that you get with the PS3 you would agree that it's a better value, I think we can also agree that when it comes to vision MS displayed a lack of it when they made the 360.

I have a blog pending on just this subject, you should read it. MS has miscalculated it's place in the current video game industry and I think it really played into their decisions initially that are causing so much headache now.

User base and sales are all jokes because we see the trends changing, and whatever contributed to that there is no mistaking that MS isn't ignoring Sony anymore and I don't think they ever did.

But I digress. The facts about the value of the PS3 are out there as I am sure you are aware of. Sony is delivering as they said they would and they have made an astonishing "rebound" anyway you look at it. MS had an opportunity but I think they made some mistakes and poor decisions earlier on that will be hard for them to overcome.

As a gamer I fell bad for any 360 owner who is feeling a bit let down by MS, but as a consumer I would say that there was no reason to trust MS after the 1st XBOX, they still need to pay their dues to the gaming community and the consumers.

actas1234184d ago

Good and interesting points. Bubbles for you both.

Silellak4184d ago

Do most games support 1080i now? I thought it was still closer to about 50/50. I don't want to get a PS3 only to find most games either have poor 1080i performance or are in 480p. I've been thinking of hooking one up to my 1680x1050 PC monitor but I'm not sure how well that will work, either, and that's an expensive experiment.

Anyway, you make many good points, especially now that I have a new PC which can easily handle most games coming for the 360. I will be disappointed if you are right and Microsoft releases a new XBox in the next 2 or 3 years (fitting your 5-6 year prediction). Though, I think both consoles have been making baby-steps towards looking more like PCs, in some good ways (downloadable demos, content, and custom soundtracks for games) and in some bad ways (required installs, buggy games requiring patches).

meepmoopmeep4184d ago

the games that support 1080i aren't many. i would do my research on the games and even though i'm not affected with this issue i hope sony or developers will remedy this downscaling problem that some people face.

CaliGamer4184d ago

Good advice, always good to do your research before you purchase anything. @Silellak, Sorry for any misunderstanding, however don't you run into the same problem with the 360?

iamtehpwn4184d ago

They're actually out of Stock for the 80gb because the 80gb is being slowed down on production for new Metal Gear solid 4 pack in

gonzopia4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

I bought an 80GB from Best Buy a month ago. The Blu-ray drive quit on it, so I took it back a few days ago and they were totally out of the 80GB. I took a 40GB refurb instead, with the express understanding (in writing) that if an 80GB comes in I can bring the 40GB back (even if it's past the 30 days) for another exchange. this point, I think the next 80 gig Best Buy gets will likely be the Metal Gear bundle, so I may be in luck, though I'll have to wait until June and be stuck with my 40GB until then.

Silellak4184d ago

Nope, the 360 has a dedicated hardware scaler that upscales the game to any resolution it is set for.

That was the main reason I got a 360 instead of a PS3. I wanted to play all games in HD on my HD TV and for that the 360 was my only option without getting a new TV.

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resistance1004184d ago

So Last month the 360 had 'shortages' and that was the reason for many why Ps3 outsold the 360.

So with the Ps3 selling out now, does that mean that 'shortages' will cause the 360 to outsell the Ps3 this month?

Time will tell

lsujester4184d ago

I just don't see the 360 outselling the PS3, at least any significant margin if they do. No exciting exclusive, no nothing to hold back the momentum the PS3 has been building.

There may have been a shortage of what MS would like to ship, but they aren't selling all that they are shipping, so it's moot point.

resistance1004184d ago

Well according to VG charts, 360 outsold Ps3 this week in america and in febuary over all.

Still i have no idea where VG gets there numbers from, because they where way off on the Jan NPD data

lsujester4184d ago

Yeah, but even if those numbers are absolutely correct, it's still not much of a margin, and the 360 is still way behind in worldwide for the month (if that unuser-friendly website is giving me the right numbers). There's nothing like the large decreased sales because of shortages that MS was trying to tout.

IzKyD13314184d ago

i just saw the circutcity website, they had "Unavailable Online" on the 80 GB.....blu-ray can do alot for ya lol

Wozzer4184d ago

Good work Sony, keep 'em comin!!

Mattearl4184d ago

Ship some more over to 'em... geez... problem solved!

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