Play Little Big Planet and LEGO Indiana Jones at Wembley

At last, confirmation of the line-up for the UK, consumer-focused video gaming Live bash at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of March this year.

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mighty_douche4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

I want an Indiana Sackboy Jones now!


fenderputty4005d ago

if someone can create a whip, made out of rope or whatever, in LBP. Then I wonder if the sack dudes could hold that whip and swing it around. That would rock. Someone, could make the hat too.

I say someone beacuse, I doubt I could do that. Who knows though ... hopefully the user interface is easy enough to let someone, such as myself, do these things.

paul_war4005d ago

Haven't actually got my ticket yet, still deciding the best time to go.

On their website Resident Evil 5 is mentioned!

resistance1004005d ago

Me and Sharpshooter are going on the say, so you should join us lol

Anyway this has just made my purchase worthwhile alone, now give me a playable demo of Metal Gear Solid 4 as well and i will hit the roof

Shankle4005d ago

Just got my ticket. Can't wait to finally get my hands on LBP!!

WelshGunner4005d ago

Why do i have to live in Wales lols

Rice4005d ago

If u dont like it there, why dont u move up here in Canada, where Snow groes on trees...

resistance1004005d ago

Where abouts in Wales? If its southen wales you can get to Birminhan without much difficulty, and from there you can get a train straght to the stadium.

I'm just quite lucky that im at Uni in Wycombe at present and from here i can get the train straight to the stadium ^_^ so transport isn't a problem

Ali_The_Brit4004d ago

ah gotta love what us brits have done for gaming. GTAIV- british, LBP- british