thesixthaxis | Ninja Gaiden Σ2 Plus Review [Vita]

Following in the footsteps of Ninja Gaiden’s PS Vita debut last year, Sigma 2 (Σ2) Plus serves up an “enhanced” version of the acclaimed sequel which launched exclusively on Xbox 360 back in 2008. After its original release (which also marked the departure of series’ visionary, Tomobobu Itagaki) Ninja Gaiden 2 was then re-launched almost a year later for the PlayStation 3 with its familiar “Sigma” suffix and a slew of changes.

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SpinalRemains1383017d ago

If the game incorporates touch commands or backpanel inputs then reviews call them gimmicky. If the game incorporates no Vita specific gameplay they write it off as a negative.

Vita is officially the red headed stepchild of gaming news.

Bottom line, this game kicks ass.

ricksjames833017d ago

I agree. I have this game. Its great to have on Vita. Ever since i saw the first review that was lower than a 8.0 these banwagon guys just keep ragging on it. Crazy how no one can appreciate that its even on a handheld.Its almost identical to the console version.And about the difficulty its perfect for a portable game. Vita buttons and sticks cant be easily replaced. I had a Psp and the majority of the games were shadows of there console versions yet they got great reviews.

ricksjames833017d ago

I remember playing need for speed psp and being like "This is it?" Its had 6 tracks that u raced backwards and forward. So it really only had 3 tracks. Now we have need for speed most wanted which is the entire console game with less traffic and guys rag on it because it is to close to the console version.

ricksjames833017d ago

I just got thru playing a little NG2 on xbox. I was thinking to myself how frustrating the constant projectile spamming is. Then the bugs that resulted from all the crazy onscreen action. Maybe ppl will stop hating on Ps Vita once the price drops so they can buy 1. Best handheld ever made. 3ds is a joke to me. Can only name 2 games i would buy on it. i already have 5 games i love on Vita. That doesnt even include the great psp games i have on it. Then resident evil 1-3 on it are great too.

ninjahunter3017d ago

I agree with the price drop thing. At the moment, if you want to play games digitally, Its going to cost you $310 for a wifi version and one of those MASSIVELY overpriced memory cards.

Im grabbing a Vita As soon as my next paycheck rolls around (any year now haha). Im mostly just excited for ninja gaiden and my psp library. Psp had some great games and i hear their even better thanks to the dual joystick support.