God of War: Ascension screenshots

Take a look at a bunch of screenshots from God of War: Ascension.

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LocutusEstBorg2761d ago

At least those screenshots are in-game unlike the fake prerendered screenshots from Last Of Us.

clintagious6502761d ago

U never played an uncharted game if u think the last of us wont look that good.

LocutusEstBorg2761d ago

That's downscaled to a 3" box. It looks like shit on a 1920x1080 screen.

landog2761d ago

i'd say it looks like its running at 10 frames per second, and with that tiny little compressed screen it makes the game look 10x more crisp than it will

here's gameplay, watch in 720p FULLSCREEN like it will be on your tv and that is EXACTLY how last of us looks,

still pretty good for a 8 year old console, but NOTHING like the fake screens they've been showing, you can see the jaggies and low res textures that will be EVERYWHERE in the game, looks at the stairs, the edges of doorways, COVERED in jaggies like all ps3/360 games

Ezz20132760d ago

by far the best looking game i saw on consoles...can't wait for the last of us and beyond

ps3 is still this strong ...damn
ni no kuni,GOWA,TLOU,Beyond all look the best on consoles