Oblivion: The PS3 Interview

Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series has set the bar recently for open-ended role-playing games. At its previous berth on Microsoft's X360 and PC, the latest enormous installment in the library has garnered an incredible resume of awards and acclamations. It's one of the year's few RPGs that actually fulfills the promise of "role-playing". The role you take within Oblivion is entirely of your own creation. Oblivion's depth of character customization and the ability to define your experience through choice is exactly what fans have been looking for, and is a reminder, however obvious that it may be, that it isn't about "good vs. evil"... it's about a wide-open field of opportunity.

Last month, it was revealed that Bethesda has long been working on a port to Sony's PS3. So what's in store for the gamer that has already enjoyed Oblivion's possible 200 hours of gameplay on other systems? In short, an extra 10-20 hours of completely new gameplay in an entirely new quest called the Knights of the Nine.

As a Knight of the Nine, your goal is to become a force of good as a holy crusader. Empowered with some of the most powerful gear in the game, you'll make a pilgrimage through the 16 square miles of the land of Cyrodiil. You must visit the shrines of each of Tamriel's nine gods (the sort of shrines that don't show up on maps) and then find the relics that will help restore your priory and the Knights of the Nine to their former majesty.

IGN sat down with Todd Howard, Executive Producer of Oblivion to talk about it.

Bebedora6401d ago

It's actually

"The knights of the Ni"

Pffh, those moronic incompetent gaming journalists! [/joke]


All Campfire Locations in Fortnite: Chapter 5 Season 2 Guide

ESTNN writes: "The easiest campfire can be found in the middle of the lake close to Restored Reels. Landing in the middle of the island immediately puts you near the campfire, which is surrounded by a tent, a barrel and a single lawn chair."


8 Years Later, It's About Time Sony Revives The Rest Of Ratchet And Clank

Hanzala from eXputer: "On this joyous 8th anniversary of the Ratchet and Clank reboot, it's about time Sony considers reviving the originals to complete the saga."

shinoff218318h ago(Edited 18h ago)

It's not the ideal situation but Sony does offer them on ps plus. I to would just like a big ass compilation on doscto though

purple1017h ago

Insomniac roadmap leaked a while ago and they are making another, they’re doing the best they can and these games, especially the last two, are master pieces


LittleBigPlanet 3 Servers Are Officially Shut Down 'Indefinitely,' Sony Confirms

Sony has confirmed that LittleBigPlanet 3 servers on PlayStation 4 will remain offline “indefinitely” following troubles with the service from earlier this year.

16h ago
rlow116h ago

Sad day, hopefully they’ll allow a third party server solution. Goes to show game preservation is an uphill battle.

blackblades8h ago

Sad day oh wait everyone that whining about it didn't play it or haven't played it in years and never was going back to it. Funny how people start to care when this happens but when it was actually up those same people didn't even pay attention to it.

rlow13h ago(Edited 3h ago)

First, you don’t know who has or hasn’t played it. So that’s your assumption. Secondly, even if people haven’t played it in awhile, it’s still nostalgia. Those memories of sharing your creation and having fun playing other peoples creations. Third, no game out there is really like this or as iconic. Today if they made this they would nickel and dime the whole way through and it would launch broken.

Cacabunga3h ago

Reason why i really dislike online games.. they become unplayable over time.. LBP story mode is actually only a tutorial

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just_looken11h ago

What needs to be highlighted by this is that the series has had 4 main games then that go kart spin off yet sony let them all die.

There is 0 games like this on ps5 and to my knowledge 0 first party main kids games no tech demo crap

Sony purchased Media Molecule studio the ip then tossed it away letting it rot for over 7 years yet the community carried on until now were we have lost 16 years on all games of content along with no replacement.

Everyone goes on about ea killing studios but sony has killed way way more but its fine its sony they can do no wrong.

Before the sony blidboys track me down again go fire up your holy boxes all the dlc they tossed out all the trophies and all the user content needs a server side handshake that no longer works. Yes offline single player version 1.0 works but that is it.

Media Molecule was not cut i know but they only made LBP and dreams it was reported they just missed the chopping block

Do not forget the dreams game was tossed out 2020 but 3 years later support was pulled

All in all this is another failure at sony on a long long list in the past 10 years

Inverno10h ago

It's kind of hard to disagree when SONY has a history of abandoning many of their IPs. They killed Mod Nation and turnt it into LBP Karting because of brand recognition but left it to die too. They made their own Smash Bros only to rush the studio, and turn the game into an advert for recent release at the time and still let it die. They shut down PS Home for more or less the same reason, they left it to rott till it became too broken and exploited to bother fixing.

just_looken7h ago

This right here

Playstation home is what facebook is trying to make now but in vr that metaverse deal

Imagine if sony kept up ps home development

The death of playstation forums was also a huge loss

u-bEttA-rUn9h ago

Their games were unable to attract the masses every game that came out the attachment grew smaller and smaller they advertise LBP for years the industry changed and then came fortnight... You want Sony to continue to support them which cost them money that they're not getting back from the studio.

DOMination-6h ago

Honestly, I think a well-designed LBP-style game would do better than ever in the current state of the industry.

People have short attention spans. Having something that is pick up, play a few levels and put down again is the experience the "masses" are after.

Keep it as a 2D platformer only with well-designed base levels, make it easy to build new levels and more importantly easy to access new content - personally I always found the way Forze Horizon 4&5 provide daily, weekly and monthly challenges via new content that they've built or handpicked from the community is a system that works great - and then stick it on mobile and PC with Steam Deck support.

Make it F2P with a one-off fee for the level editor (to stop people spamming crap onto the store) and have MTX for more characters, outfits etc. and there you have a live service game that Sony should be all over.

Do the same with a new Karting game and a 2D fighting/Smash Bros style engine and you have three bangers right there.

(I appreciate the N4G community will hate the idea of LBP being a live service game with MTX and I get that but I think if there's one game this model could work well for, it's this.. just imo)

anast3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Astro's is similar.

Not enough people cared to play it, so they cut it.

Sony has never been a kid friendly console. This should be obvious. People go to Nintendo for this stuff.

StoneTitan3h ago

Its on media molecule though. They did not want to continue LBP. Sony accepted that.
Sumo continued it. With a solala lbp3 and a great sackboy though.
Its not sonys fault. They dont want to force a studio to create a new LBP game.
But I would love a revival.

romulus231h ago

For some people Sony can do no right either. You can play Sackboy A Big Adventure on PS5. So there is "a game like this" on PS5.

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Tacoboto10h ago

I feel bad for Media Molecule. For the ideas they have it seems they need a publisher that supports games like this and Dreams especially for as many players as possible.

DOMination-6h ago

Sony in the Andrew House era did support them massively though. They let them do their thing with LBP and spent millions marketing it. I remember one E3 they even used LBP to cover the boring parts of the presentation where they talk about sales figures etc.

And then they allowed MM to announce their game on the PS4 console announcement/showcase event and waited the entire generation for them to release it.