Tom's Hardware: Devil May Cry 4 Review

Devil May Cry 4 is still a great game despite the last few stages and camera problems. Keep in mind that camera complaints will always be present even if the visuals are super realistic or the game's action is top-notch. You have been warned. Devil May Cry 4 is certainly an awesome game; no doubt a keeper for most Xbox 360 fans who love swords, guns, lots of action and lots of cleavage (Trish, Lady and Gloria).

The Leaderboard should give you enough incentive to do your best, and maybe one day the world will see your gamer tag up there on the screen, Demon Hunter extraordinaire. The achievement points should drive you as well, just don't let the latter missions drive you nuts, or you'll just end up at the bottom of the list like the one reviewing this game (cough).

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Serjikal_Strike4188d ago

I've seen enough reviews of Dmc4 to not even wanna play the game anymore...It was a good game so stop with the reviews already!!!!!

picker3324188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

This game was good but not great,what's great is Dmc3:se.

& who really care about the leaderboard(i know i don't)

The only one who can get on top in this game is the japanese anyway.

This game would be better if you could unlock customes & stuff like that, but all you can unlock is achievement points wich is totally not needed in any way!!!
And unlimited devil trigger.

This game was good but now it's history.
I play more Dmc3:se then Dmc4.

1st: It's faster!
2rd: It has more & interesting achievement's.
3rd: More & cooler bosses.
Last but not least: More weapons wich is funnier to use aswell.