IGN MLB 2K8 Review

The bar has been raised. Let's see if 2K can clear it.

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beoulve4002d ago

7.2 is call bar raising?

issa30324002d ago

Dude, I don't even like baseball yet I found myself strangely enjoying The Shoe demo last Thursday.

GamerMan4002d ago

I haven't played a Baseball game since my Sega Game Gear. After playing the MLB 08 The Show demo, I havenow purchased my first MLB sports game since then.

After reading this review and the review for the The Show.. I am very pleased with my purchase. What's even more funny is I'm not that much of a baseball fan either.. I will see how I feel after a month about it though.

kalistyles4002d ago

The Show is The Sh!t!!! This game is great. Good thing it's on the PS3.