What King of Fighters XII Taught About Diablo 3

Kotaku's Mark Wilson writes:

"I've long been mulling over exactly how a theoretical Diablo III should look...for years now. You see, Diablo is a 2D franchise entering a 3D world. And its graphical style, as trivial and superficial as the topic may seem, will affect the way the game feels to play (which many have probably noticed in 3D Diablo clones like Dungeon Runners that feel distinctly less satisfying).

But after reading that King of Fighers XII was completely hand drawn, the answer to updating a 2D isometric game suddenly felt obvious-just draw it out."

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Charlie26884189d ago

I think the author needs to play Titan Quest to find out that YES you can do Diablo 3 with 3D graphics and don't sacrifice the gameplay or feel...well as long as you don't do a Hellgate London "3D" -_-

...a now that I remember why ...WHY did Iron Lore had to die...WHY!!! I need another Titan Quest the game was too AWESOME to die T.T

Tempist4189d ago

Well they could draw it out or use the 3D models with Cell Shading style a-la Team Fortress 2. That's a good style in games that typically isn't exploited much as it should be. It's a good bridge between games and art when done with care and attention.

Genki4189d ago

Cel-shading is criminally underutilized, and it's a shame too, because the results can be very satisfying.

The thing I like about it is that if it's done with a bit of effort, it looks far cleaner than traditional 3D graphics, even if it dismisses the realistic look that everyone and their mom are trying too hard(and failing miserably at, I might add) to achieve.

In any case, it's not like you MUST go for a cliche cartoon or anime style with cel-shading. You could go for a psuedo-realism look if you really wanted to. It would be nice if more devs experimented with this. Check out Valkyria Chronicles on PS3, looks fantastic.

Luca Blight4189d ago

looks better than a majority of 3D games out there (and soon to be out)! Why is everyone obsessed with 3D? I mean 3D's fine, but a game doesn't need to be 3D w/polygons to be great looking - take KoFXII and the best looking game on PSP right now (Patapon).

nirun4189d ago

OR you can try something new and incorporate KOTOR style gameplay with diablo style character management. take that and add massive devil may cry style bosses and you have a winner.

proArchy4189d ago

the Champions online graphical style would fit this perfectly. the problem with 2d is obviously that its massively time consuming to hand draw each frame of animation for everything in the game(i do end up appreciating it more though).

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