Burnout Paradise V1.2

Criterion Games have update their website with details of the fixes which will be included in the next patch (V1.2). No word of when the updates will be released but expect it pretty soon.

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Drekken4003d ago

This game rocks. 8 more signs and 3-man challenges left for me!

Any two people want to knock out the 50 3-man challenges, hit me up!! Drekken79 - PSN

xplosneer4003d ago

I'll probably be on around maybe 745 Pacific if tha works for you.


xplosneer4003d ago

Hope they fix the reset bug for Takedowns. In offline it's fine cause sometimes it gets very difficult, but online it's just annoying having people jump forward and backward in front of you, never knowing when to swerve left for the takedown. Then suddenly you hit a wall when the guy is 50 feet in front of you WTH?(Not lag, I mean when you takedown your car resets to the middle of the road)

Also, sometimes when I go through car things(gas and repair etc) in a race it sometimes feels like I slow down even though I didn't hit the rail.

W S K4002d ago

What they REALLY need to fix is the Sound Bug when you drive all the time straight and the car keeps shifting and shifting (like it has unlimited gears or so) and you dont see how fast you are driving (come on Criterion!!! THIS IS A RACING GAME!!!).
i dont know if this is also in the PS3 version but that was one thing that i noticed from the start.

xplosneer4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

I got the 20x Burnout thing...kept shifting the entire time.

*On PS3*

DolphGB4001d ago

At the Criterion Games site that details the changes, they also state they will be back with v1.2 release date news and information on their forthcoming DLC... which is good news.

This is already one of the best online experiences available, so extra modes and DLC will help keep it that way.