Games Radar: Bully: Scholarship Edition Wii Review

Controls aside, there's only one other real difference between the 360 and Wii versions: the graphics. Both versions feature visuals that have been noticeably beefed up since the PS2 version, with dynamic lighting and shadows, but the Wii version looks decidedly last-gen. To be fair, the 360 version does, too - don't expect anything on the level of Grand Theft Auto IV, here - but it packs some slick, hi-def new textures and re-modeled faces that make it easier to ignore how everyone's fingers look strangely like rectangular sausages.

You'll love:
- Still a fantastic game overall
- Lots of new content, most of it fun
- Jimmy can kick almost anyone's ass

You'll hate:
- Music class is mildly excruciating
- Wii controls add an extra layer of difficulty
- Unpleasantly photorealistic dissected-rat testes

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PS360WII4008d ago

Not really to interested in this game but glad it's getting some good reviews. In Game Informer they actually said the Wii controls are pretty fun so it's all in who you ask as usual

ItsDubC4008d ago

I never played the 1st one so this would be a new title to me, as I think it would be to many Wii-owners.

PS360WII4008d ago

Yeah that's true enough which is why I don't get how people rag on the Wii getting ports. Just because you (the PS2 owner) has played a game doesn't mean that everyone else has.