News Flash: Current-gen games are mostly not in full HD

This article contends that the current generation of games (XBOX 360 and Playstation 3) fall well short of truly being considered "full HD" or "true HD". In fact, the vast majority of games run in 720p mode at best.

However, that's not the worst of it. In many cases, games are forced to run in resolutions that are sometimes much lower than 720p to begin with. Very few games are coming out that actually run in "true HD", that is 1920x1080. Both Sony and Microsoft are guilty of this.

This isn't to say that the consoles aren't "doing their job" or that current-gen graphics are poor. Gamers should realize though, that as far as gaming in full HD is concerned, we're not quite there yet.

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lowlight4188d ago

One thing that is interesting is that the few 1080p 3D games are on the PS3... Is this a sign of things to come?

Silellak4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Interesting article. Explains why PC games on my 1680x1050 LCD look significantly better than 360 games on my big screen CRT 1080i HDTV, though it's hard to turn down playing certain games on the big screen. I knew the upscaling to 1080i caused a loss of quality, but it's hard to see how much until you compare it to something that's at a native resolution.

I do hope this doesn't turn into yet-another 360 vs. PS3 debate, though I'm fairly sure it will. I doubt many games for either platform will be full 1080p without using some form of upscaling - neither the 360 or PS3 seem to really have the horsepower to display something like Gears, Uncharted, or MGS4 at native 1080p.

But really, you know what? The games are shiny and pretty and fun on all of the platforms, so, I think we'll be okay if every game isn't native 1080p until the next generation of consoles. Most people - or at least, MORE people - will probably have 1080p TV's at that point anyway.

lowlight4188d ago

Personally I am pretty excited about Wipeout HD. Sure, the graphics won't look as pretty as the best games, but at 1080p 60fps it is going to be SO sexy. I personally hope it paves the way for more fast-paced full-HD games

Proxy4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

It goes to show the true power behind PCs. PCs were running games at 720P equivalent resolutions in the 90's. You pay for that extra power though.

Silellak4188d ago

Yeah, I always thought it was interesting that consoles JUST NOW started playing games in anything BUT 620x480, when I'd been playing games in at LEAST 1024x768 since the latest 90's.

lowlight4188d ago

I have a pretty good PC (Core 2 Quad, GeForce 8800GT) but I find that the latest games don't really go much higher than they do on the 360. No way can I play games in 1920x1080 while maintaining 60 or even 30 fps.

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CaliGamer4188d ago

As is customary for N4G is which console is MORE HD than the other? I go with the PS3, what say you?? LOL.

And if you can't take a joke then please don't bother responding, if a game looks good it looks good regardless of the magic behind the scenes.

InYourMom4188d ago

they both are about equal. =)

I Call 9MM4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

I find the reality of the matter is that this generation there is very little true gap in power between the two HD consoles. Xbox 360: faster data access times (from DVD drive), more powerful GPU but weaker CPU and no hdd as standard. PS3: more disk space, HDD mandatory, powerful CPU but weaker GPU and less available RAM. What one console lacks in one area it makes up in another, so in the reality is they are both really close. The PS3 has a weaker GPU but by combining it with 2 SPUs from the Cell CPU it can be more powerful. The 360 has that extra 10 megs of EDRAM on the GPU die so that helps running extra AA and stuff.

If you think there is a big difference, your just kidding yourself. Truth of the matter is both lack enough power to be truly, always HD in every single case.

TheMART4188d ago

I'd say the Wii 2.0 HD, to be launched within 2 years from now will have the most chance of playing all games in full HD


FirstknighT4188d ago

To much emphasis is on resolution. More resolution doesn't equal better graphics. COD4 has a resolution of 600p and it still won most awards for graphics in 2007.

I Call 9MM4188d ago

I find what resolution really helps with is seeing opponents in the distance in multiplayer. That is why, on the PC, I like to have my resolution high for multiplayer, but I will turn other things down to get a playable framerate.

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The story is too old to be commented.