Age Of Empires II HD Is Coming To Steam, And We’re “Reeeaady”

Gaming isn’t quite cyclical, thought it would seem that the big trend this winter is to remake old-school games from the 90′s for newer platforms. EA just released a brand new version of a personal childhood favorite, SimCity, and now it would appear that Age Of Empires II HD is coming to Steam’s platform.

Steam is an online game seller that acts quite a bit like an App Store for PC game titles. The company has evolved past the desktop to mobile apps, as well as offering Windows non-gaming apps, but remains focused on bringing the best of gaming to the cloud.

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PoSTedUP3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

ahhh i cant wait!!! favorite PC* game of all time.

SOD_Delta3674d ago

It's my favorite as well. I've spent hours upon hours playing this when I was younger.

PoSTedUP3674d ago

yeah i know right, even after the other ones released, And after the devs got canned... i need to get another copy its been at least a year since i touched it.

Outside_ofthe_Box3674d ago

One of my favorites as well. Seeing this trailer had me reminiscing about the hours I put into this game. I don't PC game anymore, but I'm glad to see it's getting an HD makeover. Well deserved.

Hitman07693674d ago

hell yeah i love this game. i can't wait!!

ScubaSteve13674d ago

so then is this kind of like civilization or much better then civilization

Ravenor3674d ago

AoE2 is more of an RTS, Cvilization being something different entirely.

Depending on the price of this HD remaster I can't recommend it enough. Definitely one of the better PC games MS released.

luoshuigui3674d ago

Fuck Halo. THIS, is the best game Microsoft ever released

BigStef713674d ago

Sweet I haven't played this game in years. I will definitely be getting this on steam

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The story is too old to be commented.