IGN: MLB 2K8 Review (X360)

by Nate Ahearn :

"There are three main additions to the gameplay in MLB 2K8. First, there's Total Pitch Control. Gone are the days of holding a face button and timing the release with an on-screen meter. Now you'll have to trace certain movements with the right analog stick in an attempt to emulate the actual motion of a pitcher's arm and hand. A curveball starts in the lower-left and swings all the way around the upper left by the time the movement is finished. The mechanic is surprisingly intuitive once you get the hang of it. There are moments where you'll feel like it's slightly inaccurate, mainly when trying to throw a two-seam fastball, but for the most part it performs fairly well. Fatigue doesn't quite have the same impact on your pitching ability as it once did, as you can now pitch effectively well into the 30% stamina range".

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BigKev454190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Dam, it sucks again. 2K sports should let the guys who make the NBA series make MLB. Army of Two to get today it is.

issa30324190d ago

Too bad MLB 08: The Show is exclusive. If it were multi-plat, it would be a no-brainer.

jackdoe4190d ago

I've always felt that MLB 2K has been lacking for the past few years. Maybe a demo would convinve me otherwise. If they release a demo that is.

Ri0tSquad4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

is shaping up to be the better baseball game this year.

**MLB 08 The Show** is what I meant in my title.

Bnet3434190d ago

nope MLB The Show is better, but Sony makes it so not in 360.

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