Six "Racist" Games

These controversial games all have one thing in common. They've been accused of racism.

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Blademask4188d ago

You've got to be kidding me

Panthers4188d ago

That Zero Punctuation guy.

Harry1904188d ago

is racism,what's not.come on
ban this s**** article.

Qbanboi4188d ago

Dude, if this is racist, Halo should be racist too, becuase he only slayed Aliens, WHO are another race. See...

Sayai jin4188d ago

@Qbanboi-I see what message you are sending, but aliens would not be another race; they are another species.

Milky4188d ago

LOL at 'Moja and Blackface.' HA Ha Ha Blackface is really asking for it.

B Man4188d ago

They don't realize the Zero Punctuation guy is never serious and his reviews are always obscure? You know what game is racist? Oregon Trail with the mass slaughter of Buffalo.

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mighty_douche4188d ago

Racist...? pfft... you gotta shoot someone!

Politically Correct BS!

lawman11084188d ago

Indeed and that is why we are all in trouble.

moveteam4188d ago

Racist? OMG. The writers are more racist if they think that.

Joey Gladstone4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

I just Know they are going to call the Next Resident Evil 5 racist because of the slaying of black "Zombies....when there was not a single racist outrage over Resident Evil 4 in which Hispanic "Zombies" were slaughtered.......and on the tropical islands was Drake supposed to do battle with the rare and Elusive "White" islanders?????????simply put we shouldnt have to stereotype our video games because of real world misconceptions of few......race should play no part in video games , and fun should be the main priority
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Proxy4188d ago

The islanders should have been ethnically diverse. Caucasians, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, etc. All should have been part of the culture on the remote and isolated island.

Fox014188d ago

white man killing thousands of blackmen.
Even if it's just a video game, it's still offensif; i mean couldn't the main character be black just for this once!?

Delive4188d ago

YOu got disagrees for your comment? I have thought the same thing, but it's the way it is. A white male is percieved as more charasmatic. I know people who didn't buy GTA San Andreas because the lead was an african american. 2 more things. 1) If a game has character customization and you cannot create any race other than caucasian at all or without making them look like a moron, Racist, Maybe Non-Diverse is more PC. WoW for example. Black guys either are bald or have some pimped out perm like the Bee Gee's. What? No Fade? Tiger Woods, Yup. Is Black hair that hard to make? I have to make my character wear a hat. 2) Let's not forget about Rock Band/Guitar Hero. Which is going to have the guts to release a song pack that would appeal to ANY other cultural background? I would love to buy RB, but $170.00 for maybe 3 songs I know or like? I get pissed when I buy a CD with 2 to 3 songs I like for $17.00

fenderputty4188d ago

the story happens to take place in an area where black people are dominant in numbers. White people died in a series of RE, South Americans in another. Seriously ... people need to take a chill pill. I know plenty of white people who DID buy San Andres specifcly because it was a black gangster. It's taken years for the social rites movements to have affects and then people do this. It totally discredits all past efforts put forth.

Drake ... racist. I'm sure the developers thought about how much they hated brown people when deciding where to have the game take place.

This is crap at it's best.

Rock band and guitar hero cater to the masses. When the masses like the music you listen to, then you'll get to hear those songs. I like rock/metal and still don't like more then half the songs in guitar hero.

If you're finding racism in these games, you should take a serious gut check yourself.

Gorgon4188d ago

" White people died in a series of RE, South Americans in another. "

Actually, it was in Spain.

fenderputty4188d ago

but all that means is more white people dying in the origionals. I don't see why this is at all a problem. Just because the series has moved where it takes place does not make it racist.

kingOVsticks4188d ago

but the thing is that didn't happen those Hispanics you were referring to draw a fine line between white and Spanish people if they didn't speak spanish no one would have ever known. For the Resident evil 5 I seriously doubt if the protagonist was black African Americans wouldn't be b1tching right know.But alot of them are seeing this as" its not enough that aids are killing them off but know there is a super white guy speeding up the process" thing. Any racially sensitive person would draw to those conclusions or come close to thinking that. I know this wasn't capcom aim and I pretty sure it Africa is just a story piece in developing the story in resident evil but in the back of my head that did cross my mind and to say it didn't cross yours then your naive or in lying to yourself.

Delive4188d ago

Your RB/GH statement is exactly what I'm getting at. When the masses listen to what I like.... and caters to the Masses. It caters to fans of Rock only. and do the Masses who prefer Rock really outnumber the Masses who listen to more than just rock? Singstar caters more to the masses (Music selection) than RB/GH. It's just not as fun without the instruments. I like music across the board, and feel that RB would be so much better with variety. Some feel it's just fine because it's what they like. Or Devs say "I like this and if you don't, I don't care". Now you have people on the outside looking in saying "I wish they were more diverse in their musical selection" and people on the inside saying "tough @#[email protected] for you". The Masses are actually being left out. I guarentee, there are more people NOT playing RB than there are people who are. Masses indeed.

AceLuby4188d ago

People didn't buy GTA:SA because the protagonist is black? Why do you even know people like that if this is such an issue for you?

It's called 'Rock' Band, and 'Guitar' Hero for a reason. They are made to play your favorite Rock songs. It's for a specific genre of music where the songs originators are of many different nationalities. If that's not what you like, don't play it. Saying that it isn't catering to what you like because of race is absolutely ridiculous.

Saying that RE5 is racist because it's set in Africa is ridiculous. Zombies are zombies.

Saying Uncharted is racist because it's set in S. America is ridiculous. Where else would you find ancient S. American treasure?

This entire article is ridiculous. So now when a game is released it must cator to everyone's tastes AND if killing is involved the protagonist can ONLY kill those of the same race. I thought the world was progressing...

Delive4188d ago

Knowing people because I work with them and being friends with them are 2 different things.

Guitar Hero. In that name, any song with a guitar should qualify? Should they be Heroes?

Music I like. What could that be? The games tend to focus on (But not limited to) Modern Rock and Metal. What about some of the older rock? Bruce Springstein? Prince and the revolution? Could those be considered Rock?

Being a minority, I see things from a different light than the majority and when some of them don't see or want to understand my perspective, what do they say? "Well, Don't play". Even though I would like to. Is it so hard core that they cannot open up to a wider audience willing to embrace the subject matter, only if it appealed to them a little more? Is there something wrong with that, I ask you AceLuby.

AceLuby4188d ago

A game isn't supposed to cater to everyone and just because you're a minority and don't like the selection of songs does NOT mean that GH and RB are racist. Guitar Hero and Rock Band have to be the weakest arguments for racism I've heard. There are a lot of classic rock songs. It just happens that the fastest (and hardest) songs are metal songs. But that's racist.

Seriously, people like you piss me off. 'I'm a minority... I don't like a lot of songs on this game... The game is racist...'

Give me an f'n break. Also, FWIW, I'm also a minority but this s#it is so ridiculous. Get over yourself. No one is special.

Delive4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Must Racism be blatant to be qualified as Racism? If a game designer would never put a minority in a prominent role in a game, would that be Racist or would he have to call the person out of name to qualify? So many people want to sweep racism under a rug and act like it never happened instead of bring it to the front and fixing it.

I could really care less how you feel about people like me. As long as you say that our opinions are full of $#!+ in regards to how racial equality is perceived in the world today, you continue to be more of the problem, not the resolution.

You say no one is special. I say anyone has a chance to be special.

Seriously. Do you think NOTHING can be done in games today to help race relations along? A little effort goes farther than you can imagine.

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ChrisGTR14188d ago

uncharted is pretty racist.. the only white guy you kill is the last boss... oh wait.. he was latino.

Gorgon4188d ago

Latino? You mean, the guy was italian from the region of Latium? The nerve!!!

Diugu4188d ago

The spanish people are latins... just like the French, Italian and the Portuguese. Their language come from the latin.

The hispanic are those in latin america that descend from the Spanish.

The vast majority of the Spanish people are white. They are latin and are white... only difference is that they speak a language that was originated from the latin.

When the Zombies are from Spain... they are white european people.

Seriously... I really, really, really like the american people. When I visited USA they were great and so nice, gave me one of the most fun in my life but they need better geography teachers.

kevin11224188d ago

uhh, italians are not latin lol.

Nuclearwinter4184d ago

In the last half of the game you kill a bunch of white commandos.

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