10 reasons why the PS3 is still relevant

If you're reading PS3 Fanboy, then you probably don't need convincing that the PS3 is "relevant" in the video game industry today. You probably already know exactly what makes the system great. If not, however, be sure to check out their latest feature, entitled "10 Reasons why the PS3 is still relevant."

PS3 Fanboy put together a decent list that covers all of their bases with regards to hardware, software and firmware. All the wares you could ever need in a decent current-gen console.

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Blackmoses4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Is this still a relevant question?

zapass4003d ago

it has never been relevant for people with more than 1 neuron in their brain. only fashion victims and xmorons have doubted and now they're very insecure because reality is slapping them bad in the face with a vengeance. oh sh!t: the corrupt news and blogs got it all wrong again!

buzz off xbaboons and wiiflies: your time is over.

benihya4003d ago

useless page just so we see ads with every click

Jeanne4003d ago is an anti-PS3 site. They are by far the best at spreading FUD compared to other 'fake PS3 fan sites'.

They manage to pull it off by not going overboard with the anti-PS3 stuff that other fake PS3 fan sites do. They put out mostly neutral PS3 news and then add in just a moderate amount of FUD every once in a while.

The site is like one of those console fans who sits around in console forums with a handle like ps3fan or ps3gamer or sony4ever pretending to own a PS3 and games and posting generally positive comments most of the time but then every once in a while they pounce and post their 'I'm a PS3 fan but Killzone 2's graphics looks worse than such and such 360 game' or 'I'm a PS3 fan but MGS4 looks disappointing' comments.

ruibing4003d ago

I think they are just trying to be as unbiased as possible for a site named "PS3 fanboy." I really wouldn't be able to take them seriously if they said "ZOMG MGS4" whenever some tidbits of news come up.

Drekken4003d ago

Jeanne, I've always thought that. Not to mention they are always a few days behind on articles/annoucements!

callahan094003d ago


I've never thought about the prospect that people would do what you're talking about. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but ... wow... I never imagined such ridiculous behavior could occur. Now I realize it could, because people do some pretty strange things to waste their time and others'. I've never really look at but you might be right? I'm not sure. Definitely noticed that it wasn't very fanboyish. For the most part it just stated the obvious and eventually took a couple swings at the PS3, like talking about how awful the launch price was (though it was, in my opinion, it doesn't strike me as a fanboyish thing to say... so, I'm curious why they call themselves fanboy if they're really not)

PS3n3604003d ago

Jeanne, things arent always black and white like that. Can't someone be critical of something they love? Blindly accepting anything that Sony or Ms feeds you makes you the worst kind of fanboy. I like gaming period but that wont stop me from calling a spade a spade if thats how I feel. I am not alone when I say that all consoles have strengths and weakness. If you think the PS3 is perfect your kidding yourself and same goes for the 360 even though thats a little easier to point out the flaws hardware wise. We all need to be critical of companies when they screw up or we will end up with mediocre hardware one day. Criticism can be constructive you know.

Vito44344003d ago

How is this topic helpful, I agree ad space.

meepmoopmeep4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Yeah, I agree... it's disturbing how bad some peoples fanboyism can be to do retarded things as you stated. If you're going to be a fanboy then be one representing your choice and not be some idiot in disguise. It just means you have no spine to back up your words or actions.

There are those however who aren't and are just expressing their opinions truthfully, fanboyism aside, i guess. it's just hard to differentiate sometimes

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mighty_douche4003d ago

is still?

I kind of thought it had been doing alright lately....?

Joey Gladstone4003d ago

In this era of Next-Gen consoles when was the PS3 ever irrelevant??...
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Ice2ms4003d ago

I Get It Joey Its A rhetorical question i wish i could give you more bubbles ;D (down to 2)

Seriously i think the list could have been longer lol like the possibility of linux on it, PlayTV etc

actas1234003d ago

Agree and Bubbles for you.
Also, asking a question like is ps3 relevant or not is like asking if next gen consoles are relevant or not. Saying PS3 is not relevant is like saying 360 and PS3 are both not relevant.

George Washington4003d ago

you know a console is no longer relevant when people get to the point of making bulleted lists of why its not.

eagle214003d ago

Southern Europe and Japan has 360 screamin' "S.O.S. please somebody help me, it's not healthy, for me to feel this way...oh, you (PS3) are making this hard, you got me tossing and turning, can't sleep at night"

Drekken4003d ago

@Apokalypsis - LOL too funny! Bubbles 4 you!!

PS3 rocks in so many different ways. I havent turned my PC on in FOREVER!

baxter4003d ago

YOUR COMMENTS are reported as SPAM

Just because you dont have anything except a DVD player and RROD doesnt mean that ps3 doesnt have anything too

PS3 will not have the same glory as PS2.PS3 will surpass PS2.

especially if you look at UK everything changed after Blu Ray victory. Ofcourse that CRAPCHART will say otherwise but MCV and CHARTTRACK does give you descrpitions about gains in PS3's momentum in UK

That X360 is TRASHBOX DEFECTIVE console FIT only for REPAIR SHOP

wAtdaFck4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Okay then. Tell me how the PS3 is hurting at this era which is 2008.

If not, you might as well disregard your own post, because its full of the same sh!t they put inside the 360.

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