Larry Niven Teams With Alchemic For Free Fall

Science fiction author Larry Niven, perhaps best known for his award-winning Ringworld series, has be creating worlds for readers to explore since the mid 1960's. Now, with the help of transmedia production company Alchemic Productions, he's creating a world for gamers to play in. Larry Niven's Free Fall isn't based on any of Niven's existing works. Desiring more involvement than simply handing over his books as source material, Niven is working with Alchemic to create an entirely new fiction for the game, which will center around a nation of miners and spacers that inhabit Earth's Moon, Mars, and the asteroid belt. You begin the game as newly immigrated Earther looking to get a fresh start as a miner who soon finds himself embroiled in miner revolution.

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Tempist4188d ago

Bah! I don't know if this is a MMO, but it sounds like an awesome MMO concept.

But it's an awesome game and good to see it moves away from Ring World.

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