Gamers Camp to Ensure the Future of Gaming

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Gamers Camp is something like boot camp for gamers. It's a special camp designed by the gaming industry to teach kids about the dangers of outdoor activities. Kids will hike, canoe, fish, build fires, cook, and pitch tents in an effort to experience firsthand the horrors of such inconveniences. The creators hope to instill a fear of outdoor activity among the youth that will last a lifetime, so that the kids will forever stay indoors and continue to play video games thus ensuring a future for the industry.

"We started Gamers Camp to help ensure the future of gaming," confesses founding member Wassal Bricemute. "We can't invest in our industry if we can't guarantee that we're going to have kids playing our games. And they can't play them if they're outside doing other things. It's a well established fact that active kids tend to stay active. We need more sedate and overweight kids. Ones that love to sit and don't like moving around much. Our industry will die if kids start going outside to play. That's such an old and outdated activity," Bricemute claims.

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