Assassin's Creed's new investigation types detailed

The biggest flaw Assassin's Creed had was that even though the game world was magnificently realized, there wasn't much to do in it except the same things over and over again. And after being forced to it nine times, this mechanic had outstayed its welcome for far too long.

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mindedone4188d ago

I can't expect that much to be changed from the original game without the rehauling too much of the game. This doesn't worry me for Assassin's 2

Blackmoses4188d ago

this is the exact reason I have yet to finish the game...
got boring real fast. Beautiful game though, but really needs more variety when it comes to missions.

AceLuby4188d ago

I've been about 1/2 way through since about a week after I bought it...

ps360s4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

lol its sooo true...I played AC on my Elite and like the next mission after the next its the same ol...I could'nt bare to complete it's just sitting on my games cabinet!

Jeez I got sooooo annoyed about it! it's Deja Vu!

and seems like it's all the same with all you guys...kool im not the only one hehe

btw I love the concept of free running on it and climbing high towers :)

I always thought why can't they do this stuff for Spiderman the game!

green4188d ago

got the game yesterday.Really good game but after a few hours it becomes damn to repetitive.Enter new city,go to assassins bureau,pick someones pocket or interrogate then go for the main kill over and over again.

This game would have been stellar if they varied the missions a lot more

xaphanze4188d ago

they focused so much on the cities and surroundings and forgot about the gameplay.AS if the variety and content was the last thing they thought of.

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