IGN Podcast Beyond, Episode 35

You asked for it, and you got it: it's Greg, Jeff and Ryan in another thrilling episode designed specifically for your entertainment. Chris is no longer sick but unable to attend the podcast due to being too awesome. Thus, the team spends time this week musing over the various system bundles that have been announced as of late, including the God of War PSP package and the now-coveted Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle. Many surprises await you in this episode, so don't miss it. That's an order.

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issa30324183d ago

This is really funny. Fast forward to the 1 hour 6 minute mark and you will hear the FUNNIEST conversation Greg has with Playstation Tech Support (and no there is nothing wrong with his PS3)

blazebolt4183d ago

I listened to it last night. Best PS3 podcast crew ever.

Resistance is a 3rd party game, it's on the 360 hahaha

-EvoAnubis-4183d ago

"Resistance is on the 360 too!"

You could hear Greg struggling not to laugh.