VC Monday Madness 3/3/08

Appreciate the fact that Virtual Console actually have a good game to play this week, but only one release? Come on, Nintendo! You spoiled us with your week after week of releasing multiple titles, only to have us completely let down today? For shame, considering that most also expected the first entry in a very good series of games to be on the VC (it did seem like a no-brainer).

Oh well, at least, the game is good.

Super Turrican has some sweet action. The running might not be as solid as the gunning, but you're murdering lots of enemies and just plain old blowing up everything in sight. If there's one thing we can appreciate about these older games, it's their basic and very appealing approach. Maybe it's a very male thing, but we can find lots of comfort in making those that would stand in our way die very fiery and very painful deaths just by hitting a button on a controller.

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