Ask G4's President In 'Open Source'


" is proud to announce Open Source, where we get you in for a virtual sit-down with the man in charge himself, Neal Tiles, President of G4.

Neal is here to answer all of your questions, and to prove to you that he puts his pants on exactly the same way that you do, except that his are better pants, and that he could conceivably hire someone to put them on for him. Ok, bad example. Let's move on.

There are, however, rules for Open Source, so listen up. First and foremost, no flaming. If you're disgruntled, put it nicely, and you'll have a much better shot of having your question answered. So, get that laundry list of questions ready, and let the answering begin."

Click on the link below to ask him your questions.

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jinn4002d ago

G4 isnt all that, its so repetitive and features boring shows