There's no way that 38% of you are girls

The author takes issue with a recent ESA report that claims that 38% of gamers are female.

From the rebuttal: "I can't help but wonder what criteria the Entertainment Software Association used to categorize "GAMERS." Do you just have to play a game of any kind to qualify? If that's the case, I'm finding a new word to describe myself. The lady who works down the hall from my office does paperwork all day in between sneaking-in rounds of Bejeweled. If she's a gamer, what the hell am I? (Please don't answer that.)

Playing a game does not a gamer make. Sorry girls, you and your solitaire clan are out."

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Tempist3883d ago

I'm willing to bet girls game but don't really take it online or into discussion much.

grilledgorlupa83883d ago

A game is a game. Chess is a game solitaire is a game. Once this industry gets that through their freckon head maybe they can expand their market.