Playing Space Invaders Using Only The Signals From The Brain To Make Movements

A St. Louis-area teenage boy and a computer game have gone hands-off, thanks to a unique experiment conducted by a team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, and engineers at Washington University in St. Louis.

The boy, a 14-year-old who suffers from epilepsy, is the first teenager to play a two-dimensional video game, Space Invaders, using only the signals from his brain to make movements.

Getting subjects to move objects using only their brains has implications toward someday building biomedical devices that can control artificial limbs, for instance, enabling the disabled to move a prosthetic arm or leg by thinking about it.

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Captain Tuttle5895d ago

That's not the most creative headline in the world. Pretty cool, though.

specialguest5895d ago

you want true next-gen gaming. well there you have it! this is the stepping stone to a true innovation in gaming.

everything has to start at a simple stage before it is fully understood and greatly utilized. the potential is amazing.

unleash bass5895d ago

Gives a new meaning to mind games.