Braid Dev: New Xbox 'Not Strictly About Games'

Speaking with Edge Online, Blow notes that the new, still-unknown Xbox 360 successor is “not strictly about games,” leading him to PlayStation 4 as a result.

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xHeavYx3552d ago

Has it ever been? The article picture should be the one below

Gazondaily3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Yes. Yes it has. *the old Xbox and 360 that is*

darthv723552d ago

have not been dedicated for many years now. To be competitive in the industry they had to evolve into more than just games.

PS2 is a good example of bridging a gap between the home entertainment market and the video game market. It transitioned to the ps3 with streaming media and music access and social interaction as well as internet access.

Game systems still play games but they (MS, Sony, Nintendo) are wanting them to do more than that now in light of all the smart devices we have in our lives. so what if your phone can surf the web or your TV can stream netflix. These game systems want to take part in those features as well.

They have to be able to do more to remain relevant in a world that is growing more and more dependent on conveniences.

redDevil873552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

The Xbox consoles were just a Trojan Horse for MS' to get into the living room and try to to dominate it.

DonteDemonSlayer3552d ago

"Not strictly about games"
And what console other than the Wii & DS in the last 7 years has just been strictly games? Especially apparent in the past 2 years SONY and MICROSOFT are hoping to capitalize on the booming "Social" networking type approach. Which I'm afraid may just be another passing fad and could hurt them later on, though with the internet being more commonplace than ever that seems unlikely. I'm sure the Nextbox will do all the social abilities that the PS4 is doing, forgetting that consoles are about the games, not having watered down PC abilities.

ABizzel13552d ago

I think a lot of you are taking what he said too literal. No console is a "dedicated game systems" anymore because they all do other things like Netflix, web browsers, etc...

However, you can clearly tell with Sony and Nintendo that gaming is first and foremost.

I think what he was saying is that with Microsoft it's the exact opposite. It's services first, and then gaming, and as a games console that shouldn't be the case.

But it was expected and it was even OUTLINED in MS 3 step plan to infiltrating the living room space.

1. Original Xbox was to make a name for them
2. Xbox 360 was to gain more market share
3. New Xbox was aimed to take over the living room.

So it's not surprising to me at all, but I guess people just didn't want to see what was in front of them. With gamers being the reason they've had any success with the Xbox means that the Nextbox will still have a focus on gaming, and I'm sure it'll be a solid console, but MS was never in it for gaming, they're here for profit. MS doesn't care about maxing their system or creating new IP's they care about having big selling franchises and multiplatforms, and most of their audience is fine with that, so it's really no loss to them.

I don't think the Nextbox will gain more market share than the Xbox 360 has, but I don't think it's going to be a significant drop even if gaming is a secondary focus. They'll still have the Halos, COD's, Forza's, and exclusive DLC to keep their system up to standards.

But I think more 3rd party developers are going to be willing to do more PS4 exclusives for the simple fact that Sony BUSINESS actually cares about making good games.

MAJ0R3552d ago

How is this news? Who actually thought there would be a game systems released modern day that is solely dedicated for playing games anyways?

Just use the Playstation Vita as an example for why dedicated gaming systems don't do very well i.e. competing systems that can do gaming plus a lot more will beat a dedicated gaming platform.

Gildarts3552d ago

No nextgen console will be strictly. Games. Maybe the Xbox will be a little less about games and I'm ok with that as long as I'm getting my exclusives and such.

Gazondaily3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )


Do note that Sony's intentions were to become a multimedia device as well and in quite strong terms if Kutaragi's sentiments are anything to go by, hence the 'it only does everything' moniker.

So we shouldn't be naive to think that Sony has always had gamers' sentiments at heart. Ultimately, it is after the $ just like the other two. Now however, it is evident that Sony have realised that their core gaming fan base is critical to their success.

SilentNegotiator3552d ago

"Not mainly games" would have been more specific and correct.

soxfan20053552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

MS should come up with a slogan to describe what the new Xbox will be about. Here's one I thought of:

"It only does everything".

That slogan perfectly describes a console that's not strictly about games. I'm sure the masses here wouldn't have a problem with a slogan which accentuates a console's diversity, and it's numerous features other than gaming.

knowyourstuff3552d ago

Yeah in the beginning the 360 was a games machine, for hardcore gamers, now Microsoft wants to expand and grow by trying to steal from Nintendo's pie, and if they dilute their resources they may become a decent company for hardcore gamers, and a decent company for casuals, where excellent experiences can be had in both markets by Sony and Nintendo respectfully. This has already been seen with the 360 as gamers have complained about. It's more than obvious this is Microsoft's strategy going forward to get the most money and market share.

rainslacker3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

@the "it only does everything" replies

Yes, when Sony used that moniker, the PS2 was a system that did pretty much everything available at the time. It was a huge selling point for them, because back then integrated devices that could do everything were non-existent.

However, note their new slogan.

Play Beyond

Note the word "Play". As gamers, that should be the most important thing. The rest is so common now it's hardly worth focusing on because it's become expected. On top of that, integrated devices have become so ubiquitous the console is not the best place to get an all-in-one device anymore if you just don't care about games. Cheaper, and much better alternatives exist, hell half the TV's sold today even offer it built in. MS is behind the curve on this IMO, and they are approaching it in the wrong way. Focus on the games, and then build up the value through the services offered. They are doing it the opposite way, and as gamers, it should be concerning.

Cupid_Viper_33552d ago


I love that Slogan dude, you know why?

Because every time I see that Slogan it is normally preceded by a commercial highlighting yet another PS3 Exclusive.

So if MS adopts it that would be great, but it would only ever be used about 4 times.

GamingWorldPeace3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Having went through 2 pages worth of comments, I think it is pretty safe to say that N4G is pretty lopsided in terms of fans diversity. Y'all, look here, I am a diehard PS3 gamer and the only series I really like on Xbox 360 is the Gears of War, mainly due to my man, Cole Train! But aren't we getting ahead of ourselfs based on any little comments, from small developers to Executives, and throwing fire to a flame that is not even lit yet. Both companies will have similar strategies going into next generation because it is a copy cat industry just like the Move and Kinect following the success of the Wii. I really don't see anything wrong with waht Microsoft is doing, truthfully. You gotta make money somehow. You gotta be clueless if you think Microsoft won't bring any core games to the table for next generation. Bye Yah!

andrewsqual3552d ago

@DonteDemonSlayer When you put more money into getting ads to your users than money into ACTUAL GAME CREATING STUDIOS, that my good sir, is the big differance. Don't try and say that the 360 OR Xbox Next is the same as the PS2 or Gamecube lol.

Ritsujun3552d ago Show
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amiga-man3552d ago

It seems M$ are doing all they can to lose any creditability they had left in gaming.

adorie3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

From all the rumors including Blow, it seems Microsoft is going to be pushing hard for their console to be a jack of all trades.

That's fine, but it should be a master of "games"
and hopefully not a master of "none"

theWB273552d ago

How exactly are they losing credibility when the 360 has been doing this for years and still selling STRONG?

The PS4 CLEARLY, as a console, isnt just about games. They clearly focused a ton on the social aspect of things.

The next Xbox will still play games, I bet at a very high quality, but like this gen exclusives MIGHT not beat Sony's. Which clearly didnt hurt them this gen.

I can't understand this "credibility" you speak of when the 360 is still selling strong and they have as many devoted followers as Nintendo and Sony.

RememberThe3573552d ago

I left a comment a few weeks ago after the Sony conference about this too. It's becoming clear the MS wants the XBox to be a "consumer electronic device" as opposed to "a game console." The more I hear about what MS is doing the more it looks like the PS4 will be my console this fall.

amiga-man3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

It amazes me how people will defend the crap M$ is bringing into gaming,

these people defend it instead of telling M$ to do one when they charge you to use your internet, they force you to buy overpriced hardware, hard drives etc, they churn out the same few games and leave 3rd parties to pick up the slack.

the rumours for their new machine are not good and if the always online and not being able to trade games are true people will still defend them, wake up people and demand better.

Evil-snuggles3552d ago

I owned the first Xbox and PS2 I loved the first Xbox more than my PS2 when the Xbox 360 was release I purchased it when it was first release I was not impressed and worse Xbox live 2 XBOX red ringed me when the PS3 was released I wait for the first price cut it was awesome lots of great game I love Sony first party games and PSN is free PS+ is great they give you free games avatars and Game discount Xbox live you pay $60 a year to play the $68 games just paid for online and watch Netflix and browse the Internet Xbox live is what Xbox 720 is about Microscam want to to be the cable and TV company not a game company there in composition with Netflix not Sony PlayStation M$ had learned that they make more money of Xbox live that taking risks on new game IPS just pay for exclusive dlc push them on your customers and watch the dollars rolled in M$ are money grubbing whores

Ritsujun3552d ago

The WarnerBros27's mad.

Gamer19823552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I think the main problem is will people pay monthly for an entertainment device rather than a gaming console.. I think that's gonna be a lot harder sell. Especially in the modern day of SMART tvs and mobile phones which all play netflix etc.. with no fees.

adorie3551d ago


The PS4 is a gaming device first, a social media gateway, a Blu-Ray player and streaming device.

The PS4 is for "Gamers" and "Developers" All the social aspects shown for PS4 were all gaming driven. You can shout from the rooftops about it's social aspects, but that doesn't change what Sony has told us The PS4 is meant for... games. Everything else is a plus, a PlayStation+(LOL!)

My comment about Microsoft is merely a concern, because I'd like them to keep Sony humbled and focused on what counts, Us and Games.

CoolBeansRus3551d ago

Amiga-Man. How are they doing that when they haven't revealed one thing about the system. All your opinions are based of rumors.

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MithrilBlades3552d ago

Could have sworn sony was doing similar with DVD and blu-ray. I can assure you like the past decade, every console will be a Trojan Horse for something from now on....whether it's a tablet controller, streaming games, motion control or social media.

Mounce3552d ago


Braid doesn't consider Kinect a part of 'Games', so they're just making it clear that Xbox will be all about Kinect more than it is for gamers.


AngelicIceDiamond3552d ago

Isn't that a good thing? That the Xbox core functionality is gaming but can do other things as well?

MysticStrummer3552d ago

It wasn't a good thing when PS3 did it, but somehow I'm sure now it will be hailed as genius now that MS "invented" the idea.

slimpickens3552d ago

Sounds like a sob story Mystic strummer!

WarThunder3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I said this many times before!

Next xbox goona focus on Kinect 2.0 and SmartGlass!!!

And if MS thinks its gonna sell. Then good for them/

Remember this: Idiots are not ones who charge, idiots are the ones who pay.

And thats good for MS because there are a lot of idiots on this planet. look at apple for example.

Gamer19823552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Well said! It will sell and your quotes are bang on especially about apple they just give you a minor upgrade each year and charge you $700 for this minor upgrade. No new OS or anything... People are like sheep and MS wants to herd these sheep into their pen.

If the nextbox only has Halo, forza and gears next gen with some exclusive DLC gamers won't be interested and the home entertainment crowd mostly get them features through SMART tvs and a device you can now pick up for £40 with android installed on it. NO monthly fee. Only hardcore xbox gamers will pick it up and it will have the same issues as the WiiU has right now.

sGIBMBR3551d ago

Lol, the only people who like Xbox are sheep? GTFO!

I like Xbox, problem?

I agree that MS have dropped the ball recently with the lack of hardcore gamer focused games, but to say only sheep like Xbox is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard... But not surprised in the least!

Every gaming platform out there has it's positives and negatives. Branding ones whole fan base as sheep's is far too extreme and certainly isn't the case!

otherZinc3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Huh? What? Johnathan Blow? Who are you?

Do you think you're John Carmack, Gabe, Jason Jones, Cliff B, Polyphony, Itagaki, Shirgu, Kojima? What you say means absolutely Nothing!

Johnathan, make a friggin retail game, sell it for $60, sell millions, then talk Sh**! Until then; STFU!

We'll see what "The Witness" does at $60. Then come in here & run your mouth.

All Consoles Are Gunning For Our Living Room!
Make your game. By the way, I thought your game Braid sucked, try again!

MYSTERIO3603551d ago

I don't want a next gen entertainment hub i've already got a Sky box for that.

kenshiro1003551d ago

Microsoft keeps shooting themselves in the foot these days.

ICECREAM3551d ago

But??????????????No!!!!!!!!!!! !!

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Gazondaily3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Well this is quite an alarming insight into the next-gen console. Whilst I know that Jonathan Blow has had his fair share of 'beef' with MS in the past (and present), I don't think his view should be scoffed at.

A gaming console that is 'not strictly about games' is not a gaming console at all in my opinion. It will be a tremendous detriment to the industry if MS relinquishes its ties with the core gamers that helped propel it into this industry's upper echelons only for it to infiltrate the living rooms for what they've always struggled to do.

I don't want a half-arsed gaming machine console that does other things. I want a gaming console that puts gaming at the heart of it's focus. Luckily, for us, Sony had a kick up the backside this generation and have their focus more or less squarely on the gamer. If worse comes to worse, we have the PlayStation 4- lets hope it doesn't rest on its laurels because it doesn't have as tight a competitor.

RememberThe3573552d ago

I completely agree. A game console can do a bunch of things, thats cool. But the same way the lighter in my car doesn't make my car a lighter, MS needs to understand that if they lose sight of what the device is supposed to be about they'll lose to gamers that got them here.

xxLuckyStrike3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Agreed. They just rode the Kinnect wave at the end here. Now they'll refocus on the core and all social and interactive aspects. They want to corner the whole market. Too ambitious maybe. But they'll give the core what we want and early on. MS won't burn down the bridge that got them into town. They'll repave it. Don't listen to the daily Sony fanboy fodder at N4G it's a 4-1 ratio

xxLuckyStrike3552d ago

MS laughing at all of the fanboys turned analysts on the way to the bank while readying the new cash cow. You cries were unheard by the masses when you stomped up and down over Kinnect an pitched rrod fiasco and doom. All on a console with no exclusives. No one outside N4G hears you or cares except Sony Fanboys!!!

Ju3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Speaking of Kinect. Can anyone please tell me who is making money off of Kinect games? 3rd party sure aren't it.

xxLuckyStrike3552d ago

It's Microsofts baby so... I imagine MS. I think third party takes care of itself as they always sell the most units on any platform

rainslacker3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Good for them laughing...are you laughing? I'm going to assume that you are a MS fan based on your tone, but your brand loyalty is misplaced.

As a gamer, I see no reason to laugh over MS current marketing focus, or the current trend in reports or quotes coming out of Redmond.

I'm happy that you can laugh and claim victory over fan boys everywhere...not really sure where that gets you though. If you feel good about the current situation, that's fine. MS I'm sure will be laughing at you next gen as well because they know they have someone who can't look at things objectively and will buy up whatever crap they push onto the consumers in the guise of a game machine. A game machine which so far seems like it won't bring much to the realm of gaming.

I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not waiting with baited breath.

Ju3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Only Kinect game I can find anywhere in the charts which barely cracks the top 20 is Kinect Sports (in the US, global far below) and then long nothing. It sure ain't 3rd party making money off of Kinect (and I actually know). It's a black whole for MS, too. All it does is trying to sell the console to "others". But what's the point, really? They sank $500M already and keep going. Not my money, I'm just saying...but really, nobody cares about Kinect.

MysticStrummer3552d ago

Laughing all the way to last place. Nice work. At least you're pleased. I'm sure that's all MS cares about.

3552d ago
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Axe993552d ago

@ Septic - aye, that's the main danger here - MS effectively replaced Ninty as the main competition in the core gaming arena (sorry Ninty fans, but when it comes to publishing third party games, last gen there were, for the most part, only two games in town in the console game), and MS were always in the game for loungeroom domination (and said as much early on, to their investors) rather than gaming.

Fortunately, they were competitive enough to stop Sony getting carried away. Risk is if they back off and focus on being a jack-of-all trades, then they'll stop putting the competitive pressure on gaming. If this does come to pass, then hopefully Steam and mobile/tablet, with Ninty in the background, will be enough to keep Sony from slacking off.

It's a huge risk for MS, as even with a year's headstart and a pretty clunky start from the PS3, Sony have come back to be the strongest gaming device through the life of the generation (weak start, strong finish - note, the 360 is still an _awesome_ piece of kit, but you just get a better range of games on Playstation, and often a deeper range of games as well). If they start weaker, they could lose market share, and pretty much fade out outside of the US (only in console gaming, of course).

I doubt they'll do this though - but this article from Blow about MS is far from the only 'negative' vibe from devs and publishers, and they seem to be lining up to get behind the PS4.

Anyways, it's all rumour and speculation - we'll see what's going to happen in a month or two either way. We just have to hope that the rumour of it being a gaming console second are wrong, or that MS change direction after listening to the fan response.

Relientk773552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

This is where I think Microsoft is doing it wrong. I think a video game consoles main focus should be strictly about games. Everything else on it: social media, sharing, Netflix, Internet browers etc, those are all bonuses to me. I am a gamer, I want games.

MikeMyers3552d ago

The problem is Microsoft is known first for Windows and rumor has it Windows 8 will tie it all together.

This is why sometimes you have to hand it to Nintendo, they are primarily a game company, that's all they do. Sony has various divisions so they will want to create new formats and delve into things like 3D to help sell TVs. Sony still does a great job at separating divisions and really focus on games.

I'm glad more and more developers are speaking out. No longer will Microsoft be able to coast off of the competitions mistakes. Xbox Live used to be their trump card but even that is starting to be questioned as others have improved their online services dramatically.