'Atari is gaming's best opportunity' - Phil Harrison

12 hours after being unveiled as the president of Infogrames, Phil Harrison this morning delivered his first speech to colleagues and key press in Manhattan's Ritz-Carlton hotel.

After an informal introduction by new CEO David Gardner, who spoke of "the vision Phil and I have been sharing and really enjoy, the idea of the future of a network-centric gaming world", Harrison described Atari as "the best opportunity that exists in the industry today to redefine, refocus and re-energise an incredible brand, an incredible group of people towards that networked future."

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Exhaust4003d ago

What did he do for you to say you can't stand him now?

He did a lot for Sony. I can't fault the guy for wanting to do his own thing. To have his opinion carry more weight. I wish him well.

With him on board I really think Atari has a chance to really come back with something innovative. They were the first console juggernaut. Nintendo came back when no one thought it was possible perhaps Atari can do the same thing.

I for one hope Atari launches a console. Competition has only helped the industry and having a 4th platform will expand innovation further.

ruibing4003d ago

If he can bring Atari from the brink of death, then it's good for everyone. Else, maybe he can help Sony buy the dying giant before it disappears.

Panthers4003d ago

I think 3 main consoles and PC are enough platforms. I would like Atari to make better games and whatnot.

gonzopia4002d ago

Why can't you stand him now? He's done great work for the PS3, and now he can do great work for Atari. In fact, given his unparalleled insight into the mechanics of the PS3, Atari may turn around and become a PS3-first gaming company. Another developer doing AAA work for the PS3 and thinking beyond, to the future of "network gaming" is not a bad thing.

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Marceles4003d ago

*switches Atari and gaming around* That's more like it...Gaming is Atari's best opportunity, as small as the opportunity is to bring the company back into the elite ranks. All they have now is Alone in the Dark and Dragon Ball pretty much. I can't hate on Phil though...he's now the president of a company and I didn't really see him getting promoted at Sony anytime soon.

decapitator4003d ago

Dont forget some of the great PC rpgs out there.

mindedone4003d ago

But I sincerely doubt that Atari has the finances to make another console. However I'm excited to see something new, in any form, come to the console I DO have.

solar4003d ago

he was very angry about how Sony wouldnt take advantage the casual market wasnt he? maybe he sees Atari as his "new casual" gaming developer?

Atomic4003d ago

this guy is taking too much credit , it's not like he's of Kojima caliber or a revered game designer.

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The story is too old to be commented.