Rumors and Facts :Crysis for PS3 and 360, Gears of War 2 Shown Realtime, Bioshock 2 staying MS Exclusive

Gameguru writes-"Here's a sneak preview of what to see from E3 2008 from all the major gaming companies:

1. Retro studios making a first person Zelda game based on the very first Zelda game released for the NES.

2. Crysis hits the PS3 console this winter, Xbox 360 version in development release unknown."

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gixxxer4005d ago

*Sigh* at the crysis on consoles posts, it's still not confirmed! Anyway I would like to see it hit the consoles unless it's a crappy PC port.

sonarus4005d ago

lol most of these are Gamesblow predictions. I need to go watch that gears trailer again. I still don't believe it was in game. Not that it can't be done but epic would have at least made mention of it plus what did it really show... nothing.

MADGameR4005d ago

But I've seen how much power Crysis takes. It they KNOW how to use the PS3's power they can manage to get the high settings with AA at 30FPS.

Amnesiac4005d ago

They need to get Insomniac to teach everyone how to develop on the PS3

RJ20004005d ago

they need Naughty Dawg to do teach them (Uncharted)

funkeystu4004d ago

I'm sure both the 360 and the ps3 would handle the cry-engine just fine, but I'm quite sure that they don't have nearly enough ram to run crysis in it's current state. The number of on-screen objects is pretty huge, to make confine it to the 512mb of ram or whatever the consoles have would mean reducing texture quality greatly, reducing the number of textures (say like having just one type of tree/one type of rock texture etc) or a combination of these.

Again, just so I don't get flamed - I reckon ps3/360 can output incredible graphics, possibly even better than crysis, but crysis really wasn't created with consoles in mind and achieves its level of graphical-awesomness in a method that would not work with current-gen consoles.

Richdad4004d ago

But yeah loading areas should be there so as to not degrade quality.

The Wood3934d ago

maybe it would have to be scaled down but can it be done without a hdd?....................leave your answers on a postcard;)

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damnwrx4005d ago

Selections: Selections

Sez 4005d ago

good news for MS. were getting gear2 and bioshock2. can't wait

Drekken4005d ago

hi Vega, cool I didnt know you worked for MS.

Hold on to those two games reaaaally tight.

actas1234005d ago

Bioshock2 ==> maybe Spring 2009.

Drekken4005d ago

lol Bloody... I am not crying, just being my normal sarcastic self.

I'm just saying, hang on tight... thats all you guys have :)

Tempist4005d ago

As I remember things, BioShock went to PCs and 360s. It's a console exclusive yes, but not a gaming exclusive. Just like Lost Planet.

Anyways, I am looking forward to playing a BioShock2. Hopefully they bring back the proper inventory and stop watering down the game play for the rest of the gamers.

OpiZA4005d ago

Not really necessary though is it Drekken? No doubt the PS3 has a stellar line up, but whats the point in stirring the pot?

4005d ago
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Drekken4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

OK I'll just go around chanting we are getting blah blah blah... And when it provokes someone to say shut it, they are moronic.

@OpiZA - Yeah maybe I was stiring a little bit, but blame the dude that put the spoon in the pot. I am just bored on my lunch break

@vega - that would imply my PC isnt already upgraded. I played the first for both titles. GeOW rocks (I love 3rd person shooters) and Bioshock was meh... but to each their own.

moveteam4005d ago

How can you disagree with Vega? He can't waiting for Gears 2 & Bioshock 2.

This is not the year of PS3, this is not the year of Xbox 360 and this is not the year of Wii.

THIS is the year of alot of awesome games for ALL platforms.

Sez 4005d ago

the reason why people disagree with me. is because these games aren't coming for the ps3 and i'm not bashing MS every chance i get like sonyfanboys do. it's ok for them to make lists of games that they think will kill MS and th wii. but if i or others like anything for the 360 we get disagreed with. people need to grow up.

sonarus4005d ago

lol at sissy fanboy fits. Would be a suprise to see bioshock 2 make it into this yr but to be perfectly clear these should be taken simply as they are. Nothing but rumors. Majority of them taken from Gamesblow.
There is no need to bash the 360 only owners their software line up is thin they arent selling as much as they used to just let them be. Enjoy the oh so many wonderful games that sony has provided and let them enjoy the wonderful games msoft provided

moveteam4005d ago

@Vega: Yes and that's completely wrong.

I don't understand why people have to patronise people, just because they bought another console than themselves.

I love my PS3 (even more when we get all the exciting games), but God I would wish we had Gears and Mario too. Think it's very good with 3 competitors instead of just one.

masterg4005d ago

Comon guys.. I'm a PS3 man myself even though I also have a 360.
But Gear 2 and BioShock 2 are two solid titles. Two titles I know I would get.


"Bioshock was meh."

lol, n00b alert.

TheIneffableBob4004d ago

Play System Shock 2 and tell me BioShock isn't "meh".

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vloeistof4005d ago

thats it no. god of war 3 eight days ff xiii resistance 2 motorstorm2
heavy rain la noir little big planet

Shigeru Miyamoto4005d ago

i wirr kirr them ifu they mess this up