Installation for the nation - What's up with PS3 install times?

Console games have been installing large amounts of data on hard drives since Halo was released, but it recently hit the headlines with Capcom forcing PS3 gamers to sit through a 20-minute install process before they can even start playing the game. Is this an early sign that console gaming is evolving into something closer to the PC?

A number of recently-released PS3 titles (DMC4 to name one) have caused a stir with a mandatory installation process that forces you to install up to 5GBs of data. People cried 'Why does PS3 need to install files when 360 doesn't?' The easy answer to that is the fact that 360 installations aren't a viable option for those who bought Microsoft's Core and Arcade bundles - the ones without a hard drive.

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Darkiewonder4003d ago

Sony's MLB game had a 2gb install and it took no longer than 5 minutes. how does a 5gb install take 20 minutes? IDK.

Violater4003d ago

dependent on if its a straight install vs uncompressing files then installing.

raerae284003d ago

I dont think this is a PS3 vs Xbox thing. We must remember the devs make the decision about what they think will fly and wont fly. If you have very good algorithms for streaming data off the disk then you might not need to store the game on the disk. If for some reason you cant stream from the disk then you might opt as DMC to have a hard drive install.

IMHO probably could have been done differently and the devs will make note of this going forward.

AceLuby4003d ago

" For PS3 owners, the main reason you have to install certain titles is down to the disc reading speed of the console's Blu-ray drive. It's simply not that fast at reading the info contained on the disc, probably because it's a first-generation drive and the tech is far younger than that of DVD.

Regardless, DVD drives load quicker, and so in loading the same game from a disc on both a 360 and PS3, you'd find the PS3 to be noticeably slower. "

Anyone who believes this doesn't know anything regarding read speeds of BR vs DVD. BR has a CONSTANT read speed, meaning it reads it at the same speed all the time. DVD speed is VARIABLE meaning that a 16x drive will read at 16x maximum, but rarely hits that speed and averages out to be as fast as a 2x BR disc. BR reads faster at the beginning of a disc while DVD's read faster at the end of the disc.

Seriously, do some fuc#ing research before writing an article spreading misinformation.

Silellak4003d ago

Because we need ANOTHER article discussing this same thing.

Look - it's obvious that the games that require a HD install for the PS3 were probably written by people who had to rush development so they couldn't optimize the game for the PS3 architecture. That explains why some games require installs and others don't. If the games streamed the information properly, load times shouldn't really be a problem - even if the Blu-ray drive is "slower" as people claim.

The only surprising thing to me in that article is that an exclusive game, Hot Shots Golf, requires an install. That's a bit worrisome, as I figured that we'd mostly see installs with multiconsole games where the developers don't necessarily have time to take full advantage of the PS3's unique architecture.

"Is this an early sign that console gaming is evolving into something closer to the PC?"

Yes and no. I'll start worrying more when the PS3 or 360 requires I download new video card drivers.

Blademask4003d ago

As you've mentioned before other games have installs that take short amount of time.

Uncharted has 0 install, and is the best performing/looking title out. No thats not used as an example.. DMC4 and HOTSHOTS golf is... w o w.

So since Capcom is doing it, that means that ALL PS3 developers will follow their lead and have mandatory 20 minute installs right? I mean is that what people actually believe?

DMC4 install is retarded long. Makes the load times go bye bye, same with Lost Planet. Neither games are mega hits, so why are they supposed to be the standard for PS3 development? (mega hit as far as showing off the PS3's capabilities *Uncharted*)

Drekken4003d ago

Only thing I have to say about this is: UNCHARTED. Seamless game, no load times except when you boot the game...

I dont mind installing games if it is going to make less pop up and less load times. 5GB, No prob. Its not like DMC will stay installed on my P3 forever... Rent it, beat it, delete it.

Tempist4003d ago

Uncharted used trickery to give the no load times. Having played it for a while, I've noticed that there's a slower pace, broken up with areas you have to sit in, cut scenes about little things that go on and areas you can't get back to.

During those times I suspect that theres the hidden loading times and probably a cash system being used. Not that this is a bad thing, they put the constraints of the hardware into the game play (ie slowing things down a little) but it is a lesson to learn from.

As a point of note, the Lost Planet load time was about 10 minutes. So what the hell does the DMC4 do that takes twice as long?

Drekken4003d ago

Your right, the loading is there, but they occupied our time when it was happening. This is what devs need to do!

Blademask4003d ago

There are no TRICKS in Uncharted. The title STREAM LOADS. You are missing the point entirely. All games will need to load some how, until next-next gen.

Instead of using a good title as an example of how the PS3 is used to do away with Install/ IN GAME LOADING TIMES, The media decides to go with CAPCOM Development flops. Not saying DMC4 isn't a good game, but technically it has absolutely nothing on Uncharted.

Using minority titles that have 25 minute installs to base an opinion that all PS3 titles REQUIRE 25 minute installs is asinine. Especially when Close to Sony Devs manage to do away with installs in general.

This is another one of those topics which there are 2 sides:

1. Ps3 owners who wished Capcom offered a choice to install, like Epic did with UT3.

2. 360 owners who want PS3 owners\everyone else to believe that 25 minte installs to reduce loading times will be required for all future titles, and thats why you should buy a 360.

d3l33t4003d ago

"... I'll start worrying more when the PS3 or 360 requires I download new video card drivers. "

Well, you do every time you install firmware.

Second, the install times are all based about what packing/unpacking algorithm the programmers use. Most dev's will purchase pre-written code to maximize cost/time. But it seems that capcom DMC dev's decided to go about it themselves. Costing the player 20 minutes of precious time you'de otherwise spend masterbat.....

Nostradamus4003d ago

You are already having to download video card drivers.

Well, close enough, didnt the last updates for the 360 and PS3 add new video functionality? Ok, so they might not have been actual video card drivers, but like I said above, close enough.

wowsauce4003d ago

Video card drivers are not the same. One adds extra functionality to the video card as it is used by the game. This is unrealistic because not everyone can get online, and not every game will have space to include the new drivers on the discs, or will not want to be forced to include them.

The other is the added ability of you to now play new videos. It doesn't change the way you play any game at all.

Silellak4003d ago

Um, new firmware != new video drivers.

I don't have to worry about buying a new 360 or PS3 game and not being able to play it because I don't have the latest video driver for my $200-500 video card or getting errors because the game wasn't properly tested with my specific video card/video driver version.

This is rarer than it used to be, but it's still a problem.

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mighty_douche4003d ago

the real question is.... Whats all the FUSS with PS3 installs?

All PS3's have them so developers are using it, i dont see a problem with it, once they become much more familiar with the system these will be a thing of the past.

Play it, finish it, delete it. Simple enough.

fenderputty4003d ago

who cares if it's installed. Your saved game data isn't affected so, play it and delete it. If you want to play it months later, you can re-load it. If you don't want to play it months later ... you should have rented it.

Nostradamus4003d ago

because the PS3 has installs and the 360 doesnt, you even have to install demos on PS3, but not on the 360, they just work right away.

That is just fuel for a flamewar, and is probably the biggest reason it gets brought up alot. Its the fanboys.

wowsauce4003d ago

And you might have to start choosing which games you can play at any time. That's what I'd be worried about. If I want to play chromehounds right now, I can play it right now. If I knew I would have to wait 20 minutes and potentially 40 after reinstalling the old game just to play chromehounds, I probably wouldn't want to play it anytime in the near future.

mighty_douche4003d ago

250gb HDD... cost me £90. I wont even bother going into the 360's HDD price's.

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meepmoopmeep4003d ago

wow, he said many games but only put DMC4 down for this 5GB install. i think installs are good ONLY if it has significance to make the game smoother, faster and better. but the DMC4 install was retarded for doing nothing. I don't mind installs as long as there's significance to them

George Washington4003d ago

ahahah the ps3 blows and thats why they need to install games onto the hdd! piece of sh1t blueray drive is crap and this is the evidence.

Sez 4003d ago

thats why i'm glad i brought DMC4 for the 360. put the game in a play. no installing. same for GTA4 when it comes out. after awhile people will have to buy a HDD just to install more games.

Alcaponeyou4003d ago

if the ps3 blows, then i don't know what your mom did to me last night.
anyways, all the hours put into GTA4 w/ the hd install will in the end save you more time.
but idiots a.k.a xbots wouldn't know.

Sez 4003d ago

you and the rest of the sonyfanboys must be the idiots. installing 5 gig for 22.46min to 30mins just to get 1or2 seconds worth of faster load time is worth it. no my friend you are the idiot. while you are waiting (something that sonyfanboys love to do) i and other will be playing and enjoying the game.

Alcaponeyou4003d ago

don't call me your friend, (xbots making their only friends online lol)
1 or 2 seconds? the DMC demo load time was around 5-8 seconds, w/ the hd install it was around 2 seconds which saves 3-6 seconds
how many hours you put into a game like GTA4? multiply that with the load time.
you'll end up saving more time no loading.
but you xbots rely on instant gratification, (RROD)
suck my balls

BrianC62344003d ago

How dare you use the name George Washington you freak. You will burn in Hell for that one. Get lost Xbot.

ruibing4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

You really shouldn't desecrate the name of the father of this nation by making him a fanboy. It's almost as unpatriotic as burning a flag.

Well here's the nice thing about the PS3, every SKU comes with at least the standard that the 360 has, 20GB. Meanwhile more and more developers are crying out for HDD, remember Burnout Paradise multi player?

I'm not saying Capcom should just use HDD installation indiscriminately, since I remember how well Uncharted played without any installation. But if they have the ability to install that will help the experience, reduce wear and tear on the PS3, and reduce load times even by a bit (there are a lot of 360 games that would have benefited if only they included mandatory HDD on every SKU).

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