Half-Life 2 Goes Old-school

GameSpy writes: "A few months ago, we examined a total-conversion Pirate mod for Battlefield 2 that replaced the modern shooter's sophisticated weaponry with 18th-Century cutlasses and blunderbusses. If this kind of close-quarters combat floats your boat, then we've got another sword-fighting challenge for you, only this time with Valve's Half-Life 2."

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arakouftaian4188d ago

this may be the next tf2 for the orange box 2? i want cs for the orange box 2 come n valve, bring it 2 the ps3...

TheIneffableBob4188d ago

PVK II is very, very awesome.
Everybody needs to play it if they own The Orange Box. It's free, after all.

Tarmgar4188d ago

Agreed. I loved that game when I used to play it. I need to get back into playing source mods again. I owned with Knights 2h. Now, the new update is out, with new units.

LinuxGuru4187d ago

I just downloaded this mod last knight *tee hee*

It's pretty cool...but it just ends up being a total hack and slash with not much depth to it.