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It takes six hours before the God of War: Ascension singleplayer gets excited. Way too long, but the spectaculair ending makes up a lot. Still, this is the weakest God of War until now. It seems the typical God of War-formula has been saved for the multiplayer, which is suprisingly good. The fightingsystem is well balanced and every maps houses at least one typical God of War-suprise. Ascension is therefore a bit like Pandora's Box, with some unfortunate choices on top, but with hope on the bottom.

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ritsuka6663067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Ouch...Will digest this over coffee, but glanced at the summing up.

It seems a really unnecessary title for thisfranchise,easily one of disappointing games already this year..this just seems to be something nobody wanted & the franchise didn’t really need, having dipped into backstory at various points before.

Gimmemorebubblez3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Did anyone see the first 30 mins of GOW: Ascension, if that was not epic then I don't know what is.
This article is trolling for hits.

Lars Cornelis3067d ago

It's nothing compared to the epic intro of God of War III

plaZeHD3067d ago

Man this game is getting hammered by reviews that makes no sense.
My prediction
+ Amazing Graphics and impressive scale
+ Compelling Story and Great Characterization
+ Unique team based comptetive and co-op multi-player
+ Great game-play tweaks and challenging
+ Great replay value
- Shorter than previous games

Lars Cornelis3067d ago

So now you're reviewing a game based on your PREDICTION? And you're not willing to believe reviewers that actually PLAYED the game?

Hingle_Mcringleberry3066d ago

Get out of here with your questions of logic and good reasoning!! This is N4G!!

plaZeHD3066d ago

Prediction doesn't mean review. Obviously, that's why I wrote prediction instead of review.
And no I won't believe critics, you know why? They gave this game a negative point cause the fact that Kratos is chilled this time around, but if you remember they gave the previous God Of War games a negative point cause Kratos is always angry, cold blooded and not chilled, WTF!!!?
And their reason for why they didn't like this game in comparison with other games is ridiculous.

3066d ago
SDF Repellent3066d ago

A score is just a score everyone. I still bought Too Human and Bionic Commando and enjoy those games even if their scores are just plain garbage. If you are a fan of the GOW series, like I am, you will at least play through the game and see for yourselves.