7-inch Eee PC vs 9-inch Eee PC -- ready, fight

We know you need it. Now you've got it. ASUS' 7- and 9-inch Eee PCs lined up for a side by side comparison. The new 9-incher is clearly the bigger brother to the shorter original. Too bad too 'cause that chunky bezel on the 7-inch already offers plenty of room for screen-estate growth. You can also clearly see the bigger touchpad and beefier display hinge of the new 9-inch.

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vagina4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

if the resolution is over VGA like the rumore 1024x600 and the price is about $299 id buy one, i'd use it to tinker round with linux and whatnot maybe get a hige sd card (a 16gb would just be large enough but costs a 3rd of the price of the laptop) and dump all my roms on it and use it as a portable emulation box... need xp for that though.. dual-boot ftw!