Tomb Raider sells 1 million in less than 48 hours

"Tomb Raider is proving to be popular among public and it seems the reboot is a massive hit."

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ichimaru2147d ago

I can tell they worked hard to reinvent this title. they deserve it

Smurf12147d ago

I need to buy the game. Hearing so many good things about it!

ichimaru2147d ago

Same here, everywhere I go I see critics praising this game, and the Conan O'brien report I saw impressed me even more. it sort of reminded me what was "fun" about videogames

EVILDEAD3602147d ago

I love it so far.

Laura is definately back


Dude4202147d ago

Lol. why the disagrees to Evil? Watch the Conan O'Brien review on Tomb Raider and you'll see why he said Laura.

Or did EvilDead actually see the review?

omi25p2147d ago

Beat it yesterday. It easily my favorite game this year so far. It also helps that im a big Tomb Raider fan.

delboy2147d ago

Definitely deserve it.
It's a great game, some game mechanics are a rip of Uncharted but still.
Lara has more appeal then Drake.

Hydrolex2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

man I run this game on my PC


Lara is hot, I wish I was in the game so I could help her.... just to hit it and then quit back to the windows

stu8882147d ago

For myself, the best game I've played since Skyrim and Uncharted 3.

Such a good game - makes you proud if you're a fan of Lara and the Tomb Raider games.

2147d ago
Heavenly King2147d ago

How about making your own judgement?

miyamoto2147d ago

So much labor of love was poured into Tomb Raider and it shows the first time I saw it.

The Lara Croft actress did a great job.

Great Game!

Congrats to Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix

Long Live Lara!

Ares84HU2146d ago

Just got it today. Can't wait to get home and try it. Hope this means Lara is back for good.

Tr10wn2146d ago

Played this on PC and the graphics were awesome the game it self was very good no loading at all which was awesome IMO, i found the game better than Uncharted specially UC3 and UC1, UC2 was awesome.

Dude4202146d ago

@ Mathew9R

I know it's Lara, could you please refer to my first post on why I said "Laura"? Actually you know what, here...

starchild2146d ago

It is an amazing game, it deserves to sell well. I love it.

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SethAFitzgerald2147d ago

Getting the game in for review, cannot wait to play it :) Really looks like an awesome revamp of the franchise, I hope it is as good as it seems.

JokesOnYou2147d ago

It's really good, I'm enjoying it.

torchic2147d ago

I remember how about 90% of n4g folk didn't give this game a hope in hell.

I'm not going to name and shame but I see you.

Ravenor2147d ago

Lies, there is no such thing as flip flopping on N4G.

SAE2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

True. That's why i don't trust anyone but my eyes to judge the games. They always fight for stupid things instead of looking for good games. Same happened before the ps4 announced. They all said it's not a big leap because they think it is or the media says so but all of them they were wrong. That's why i'm trying to find another site that think about gaming not sales or reviews or scores or compare ..etc

jollygoodchap82147d ago

oh I remember too. I remember SOME people saying the good reviews were paid off. Seriously, people need to give things a chance before damning it.


hellzsupernova2147d ago

I have to agree
And also Square Enix have given us a boat load of awesome games lately!!! Sleeping Dogs, Hitman, Tomb Raider! sure the FF series is stalling but at least they are still publishing and helping these great ittles happen

DOMination-2147d ago

And Just Cause 2, Deus Ex..

Oh yeah, they're all Eidos games! Lets not give SE undeserved credit.

haggishurler2147d ago

Exactly why I am excited for E3!

hellzsupernova2147d ago

yes they are Eidos but SE gave the funding for them they believed in those games at the end of the day with SE a lot of these games would be behind/cancelled so at least give them some credit

Ryder492147d ago

It is a ridiculously good title, not just for the Tomb Raider franchise but for games in general.

The developers deserve every ounce of success they get, as it's a brilliant game and one of the most refined in terms of gameplay mechanics that I've played in years.

Playing as Lara Croft is also just as good, if not better than playing as Nathan Drake or some other highly publicised male protagonist (coming from a male gamer).

Tomb Raider 2013 is just a plainly fun overall experience and surprisingly also a deeply engaging and emotional one.

Great game. Make sure you check it out.

FriedGoat2147d ago

pssh. Lara has a history yes, but Drake is a much better character, has way more personality and is definitely the king of this genre.

joab7772147d ago

I debated this or God of War before Bioshock and i chose this. I am not disappointed...pleasantly surprised. It has everything that makes a game great, even if it borrows heavy from other games and isnt much like other tomb raiders. Dare I say its better?

AngelicIceDiamond2147d ago

Love the game and great sales


Let the milking begin...

ichimaru2147d ago

I hope with a team bold enough to bypass stereotypes of Lara, they will also go against the industry grain of milking this game. I would like to see this franchise grow and deep engaging sequel, but not gets milked. No Lara cart racing pls

Aceman182147d ago

this is good to see, and i'm definitely gonna pick it up once i get through my small backlog of games.

MYSTERIO3602147d ago

The game is great can't wait to see what the sequel looks like in Square Enix's new engine as well as Deus Ex on the PS4.

gedapeleda2147d ago

Lol at delboy disagrees.
Ps3 fanboys are so hardcore that a man apeals more than a foxy lady.

SnakeCQC2147d ago

well copying another ip isnt really reinventing

profgerbik2147d ago

Lol watching Conan play video games is fucking hilarious.. The shit he says and does while playing is just too funny.

I love how he is a true noob when it even comes to playing video games, I honestly like them to be reviewed that way then it seems less biased giving a more honest first impression of the game because literally Conan does not play games at all.

ichimaru2147d ago

excatly! If you can impress someone with a hardcore game that has somewhat of a learning curve, then you've done something right! I lost it when they had to take a break because of his dirty jokes lol

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2146d ago

Just bought it a few hours ago. Played the first hour of it. It's pretty good.

DonteDemonSlayer2146d ago

It's good that this title is selling well, seeing as they have put a good effort on making something good. What I'm afraid of, as with any large publisher is the game being rehashed year after year. It would not surprise me to see a half hearted "sequel" come out early next year.

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Root2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Good but now it seems we'll never see a proper Tomb Raider game again :(

I miss the old puzzles while exploring Tombs all over the world...there was hardly any puzzles in this game and the ones that were in were really, really easy. I mean optional tombs...come on they shouldn't be optional in a TR game. Just stop with the over the top near death cutscenes/explosions....your Lara Croft not Nathan Drake.

The only main criticism about the reboot though is the voice actress who did Lara. She was ok in normal conversation but when she's screaming, in agony, in pain, yelling (things which are in the game alot)....any time she was showing emotion basically, it sounded terrible.

Thatguy-3102147d ago

The voice acting, character development and set pieces aren't as top notch as the ones in Uncharted but honestly the only reason I'm interested in this game is because of the more gritty and dark approach to the story. Wasn't planning to get it but been watching play through video and honestly I'm intrigued so getting it tomorrow for sure since it's Friday.

Root2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

The voice acting is really weak. They picked the wrong women to play her I hope they change her voice actress in the next TR game. I mean it dosen't go very well with the dark, gritty theme of the game when you have the main character sound...well like a 13 year old. Even that bit where she said "I hate Tombs" was so cringe worthy just because of the way she said it in that voice.

I just hope they try and separate it from Uncharted though because a lot, and I mean alot of the set pieces in the game where she would have to escape an exploding bridge or house, fall and slide down a hill or holding onto to things on a collapsing building seemed too much like Uncharted. I mean for trying to be realistic they added a lot of escaping from death by luck moments over and over. Plus for being new to guns she was like a tank taking out wave after wave of enemies.

It was kind of like that

"Oh my god how did she survive that" feeling like when it happened to Drake alot.

I really hope for the sequel they start the game off with her training at home, like the events of this game made her want more and made her want to keep training herself. She could have a gymnasium or a shooting range in her mansion.

I did like though how she kept talking to herself trying to pull herself together, it really got inside her state of mind....something I wish we had with Chell in Portal 2.

Oh and they need to scrap regen health in the sequel, bring back med kits.


lol so many disagrees above....guess theres a lot of new TR gamers here who never played the olds ones. Your missing out guys

Cam9772147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

For a sequel they must scrap health regen or introduce a "Hardcore" mode with the said feature. Furthermore, I highly sugget fans raised on this title to try out te older titles. Sure they're old but the missions are fantastic! Got a Vita? Buy a couple of them from the PS Store.

JokesOnYou2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

@ Root

nah, I really like this Tomb Raider "reboot", the gameplay/fighting mechanics are good, story is interesting, deaths are brutal but most of all Lara feels like a real explorer who's learning the ropes so to speak, of course she survives some situations and falls that are really unrealistic, and of course simple things like she would freeze half to death climbing that radio tower in a tank top, lol, but overall I thought the voice acting and all her agonizing screams of pain were pretty well done= although I'm not finished, only about half way through the game.

bluetoto2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

or gamers are disagreeing because they are just enjoying a great game without comparing it to another great game, kinda thought that was what gaming was about.

It has nothing to do with new fans, some of us orginal fans can enjoy the improvements more than others is all.

aliengmr2147d ago

Sequel needs more puzzles, but I was getting sick of the "grid" in TR2. I would say this is a proper Tomb Raider.

MysticStrummer2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

"Good but now it seems we'll never see a proper Tomb Raider game again :( "

Yeah. Instead of a game that sets itself apart from other action adventures like the original 3 or 4 Tomb Raiders did, they decided to reboot the series into an Uncharted clone with a few twists. I prefer the old TR style but with this one doing well we can kiss that goodbye.

Ravenor2147d ago

That's cool, but I found the first 3 Tomb Raiders incredibly clunky and Angel of Darkness was the purest form of crap to ever wear short shorts.

The argument can be made that I'm ignorant since I haven't played any of the Tomb Raiders on the 360/PS3, and I will accept that. But the idea of a Tomb Raider being more then a random blip on my radar died so long ago that something was kind of required for it to stick in my mind as something I should play.

Who knows maybe after this I'll go dig up Anniversary, Legend and Underworld. Have the 3 available on current Gen platforms stuck to the formula of the original TR run?

delboy2147d ago

I agree for the lack of puzzles, but we might see some in the next game, at least I hope so.

Anniversary is still the best TR game, for me at least.
So a perfect TR game would be a mix of Anniversary and new reboot game mechanics.

HarryMasonHerpderp2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )


I agree with you a 100%.
The worst thing about the game for me was Lara Croft.
Her voice actor is terrible and everything sounded forced and like a fake British accent. Some of the dialogue was really bad. I'm not sure if the Americans can really tell the difference (not meant as an insult) but if you're in the UK you can definitely tell when someone is trying to sound English. (Apparently the voice actor has an English/American hybrid accent! :/
Also the Tombs were a huge let down, they were all practically the same and way to easy.
Last but not least the action sequences that resembled Uncharted WAY to closely weren't even needed at all and just furthered the feeling that this wasn't a Tomb Raider game anymore.
Still, it is a great game in it's own right and deserves the praise, you can see the effort that's been put into the game. I just miss old Lara Croft (not looks wise) but her attitude and her rich English girl accent that sounded really hot lol.
I miss the feeling of being isolated and alone too, I also miss the legendary theme song and I wish they kept it
It seems no one even remembers the old games these days and it's making me feel old! haha

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Reborn2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Interesting direction they chose. I liked it, I ended up doing 100% at all locations, without really noticing.

I would hope, in the future, the tombs improve. More things to do, etc.

Effort seems to be paying off, and rightly so.

Kur02147d ago

Yeah the tombs are really simplistic. Usually involves just one easy puzzle per tomb.

MrDead2147d ago

Good to see the lady back on top... (no pun intended)

BanBrother2147d ago

It would only be a pun if Lara Croft (a fictional character) was actually on top of you. In which case, if she was, you're one lucky SOB.

Nes_Daze2147d ago

On top of where?? Maybe the series is now visible again..

Thatguy-3102147d ago

Think your right. The sequel should step it up a notch if it wants to compete with Uncharted. Among Thieves will be hard to top just look at how Drake Deception tried. One thing for sure Tomb Raider campaign looks better than the Drake's Deception one.

Dante1122146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

@ andibandit below

Would you stop with the shipped vs sold BS? Everyone already knows that when Sony, MS or Crystal Dynamics in this case, report numbers they're talking shipped to stores. On top of that you have the nerve to quote VGChartz when you know their numbers aren't 100% legit (heck we don't even know where they get their numbers besides the "inside anonymous source" that they pass off). You even criticized others who used VGchartz in the past as "posting phony numbers".

Edit: Let me own you with your own logic. Since you believe Vgchartz to be legit (going off of your wild PMs), I guess their numbers on Tomb Raider are legit as well, right? It appears that Tomb Raider has only sold 200K...WW.


SoapShoes2147d ago

Well she's still in Drake's shadows... Uncharted 3 did 3.8 million in the first day and being only on one console... Yet everyone criticized that yelling, "shipped shipped!!!" yet the #s for both are shipped and no one claimed so for this game. Funny observation.

Omar912147d ago

3.8 million on the first day? I'm not saying your lying but If you can find proof of this then I would agree with you. I just dont believe uncharted did 3.8 million on it's first day.

SoapShoes2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Yeah. 3.8 million shipped day 1 for UC3 and over 1 million shipped for Tomb Raider in two days. When a publisher or developer claims numbers it's ALWAYS shipped. Both very good numbers. I plan to get Tomb Raider soon but have to wait a bit.

MrDead2147d ago

Pun or no pun I am genuinely happy that Tomb Raider is back with such a good reception, this franchise deserves it.

Don't know why people have brought up Uncharted in reply to my comment as it has nothing to do with what I said. I love the Uncharted games they are one of the shining lights of this gen but I wasn’t comparing the two.

ritsuka6662147d ago

Uncharted 3 did 3.8 million in the first day and being only on one console."

Are you living in lalaland? Anyway, this game is much better than Uncharthed , open world, not linear like Uncharthed.

jetlian2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

there are games that can sell 3 million in a day and ND tried to pull the sold 3.8 million. Then they clarified it was shipped WW.

It is possible TR SOLD 1 million in 48 hours. Im sure they shipped more than 1 million to stores. We'll see if in a few weeks if theres any updates. If not then it is shipped.

Lykon2147d ago

98.3 % of all statistics are made up on the spot

andibandit2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )


yeah maybe you should look into the difference of shipped vs sold.....

UC 3 sold around 1.4 million units in the first week

so i imagine it sold around 800k in the first 48 hours.

but hey, nice try anyway.

ichimaru2147d ago

Drake isn't threatened but that's not the point. we are just here to sort of celebrate the success of ressurecting a dying title, It would be like bringing mortal Kombat back as the top fighting game.
also not to nit pick, but Drake was heavily inspired by the original tomb raier so they are both in each other's shadow

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MrDead2147d ago

What’s with all the disagrees on the positive comments on this game?

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SDF Repellent2147d ago

Great and deserving success. I supported that cause by purchasing the Steelbook x360 version at Target. There are only a few games I am willing to drop a full $60 for, and this is one of them.