Quantum computer may be capable of seeing the big picture

Recently, quantum computing has been heralded as the new cool kid on the block. The point of quantum computing is that, during a calculation, the bits (called qubits) that are being manipulated are never in a definite one or zero state. Instead, they can be thought of as being both a one and a zero simultaneously, which allows a quantum computer to explore many solutions at the same time. The upshot is that, for a limited set of problems, quantum computers may offer a substantial speed up over normal computers. In recent, unpublished research, scientists have made use of the similarities between a certain type of quantum computation and neural networks to construct a very simple quantum neural network. The result may offer a faster and more robust form of pattern recognition.

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Joey Gladstone4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

DNA computers, and Multi-Terabyte disk storage....truly for many of us Sci-fi fans, future far off ideas seems to be a lot closer than ever before.....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"


Uhhhh, yeah....

Well, after seeing how far we've come, it's easier to see the possibility that we may have been originally created by an "alien" race and placed here for observation and given religion to mix things up a bit. Not saying that happened, but any rationalist would understand that it's equally as possible as whatever other nonsense people believe. Theories are theories.

meepmoopmeep4003d ago

i agree, theories are theories and there will always be plenty of those to contradict each other.

quantum computing.. cool.. soon we'll marvel in AI and have wars against machines... i love anime.

OpiZA4003d ago

Thanks Catastophe, that was a very interesting article :)

deeznuts4003d ago

It is. What I'm wondering is where are all the "this isn't news for gamers" complainers when a non-gaming article that isn't focused on Blu-Ray comes out? Ever notice that?

Back to the article. Some of those science articles at Ars really make my head spin. Check out the one discussing bats and their ability to fly even at low speeds.

znu4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

true, it is a great article

I dont think it's too far off butwhat will this mean for human? remember that article a while back that said human Dna had a certain amount of data in it(forgot how much)

to guy above me, about ur blu ray comment,sounds like somebody is pissed, blu ray is important to gaming!!!!!! It is ps3's format, if i was a 360 user i would like to know if a dvd gets a triple layer or quodrouple layer,(wouldn't that be sick!) but your a bit right that there are too many articles on blu ray, blu ray wins, we get it we're not idiots that need u to reiterate it a thousand times

Cat4003d ago

np! glad you guys like it. now back to figuring out what I did to keep those "this isn't news for gamers!" guys out...;)

Leathersoup4003d ago

The thing about Blu-Ray is that for the most part, it's already out there.
The word "news" is the plural of "new" and if something has been said more than once it shouldn't be considered news anymore.
That given. If a new technological use for Blu-Ray shows up, I'd love to hear about it. If something cool is being done with PS3s in mass-super-computing arrays, I love to hear about it.
What I don't want to see is 500 more "Blu-Ray kicked HD-DVD in the nuts" articles. One is fine.

In summation. If it's something new I wanna hear about it. If it's not. I don't. And please don't call me a 360 fanboy. I'd love to have a PS3. I just don't have the scratch for it right now.

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candystop4003d ago

Prepare for the 5th 6th 7th 8th and 9th dimensions to soon be discovered by quantum theory and a better understanding of string theory here really soon! When ever they are succeful with unlocking this tech im sure we will have cures coming that were once thought impossible!

antoinetm4003d ago

Now it wouldn't surprise me if SONY chose to use a QUANTUM processor in the ps4 and makes it possible to communicate with GOD.


Gambus Kahn4003d ago

Even it did do that, you still would have hardly any games to play.

znu4003d ago


thanks for making me laughbubbls for u,

i can imagine the launch title, Resistance: Kill those dam chimera's and up to god after

Motorstorm: Heavenly edition ;)

Leathersoup4002d ago

...if religious nuts are any indication, God wouldn't be big on video games. :(
He'd log into online games and start quoting himself.