The PlayStation 4 is a Beast, Deal With it... writes: "A week or so ago, I wrote an article questioning the validity of some of the criticism coming from some members of the PC crowd towards the PlayStation 4. Since that time, I’ve read hundreds of comments (from this website and many others) and articles on the matter, and none of them offered any real convincing reasons as to why they think that the console will be trash. The reoccurring theme stemming from these comments was that “technology will keep moving forward, and the PS4 will eventually fall behind.” Something that Captain Obvious himself would roll his eyes at before removing his hat for a face palm."

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arbitor3653559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

fanboys are desperate to find reasons to dismiss the PS4. but there really isnt solid ground to do so. we hear things like


"they didnt show the physical console"

and? are you that worried about the aesthetics of the CASE that the console will come in? are you afraid it's going to mess up your feng shui? get out of here with that

"it could be like the PS3. strong but hard to develop for"

did you black out for half the conference? their biggest point was that it would be easy to develop for. they are using an x86 processor.

"it will be overpriced"

well, all the rumors place it at $430-530. that isnt too crazy. after all, blueray isnt nearly as expensive now. also, price alone is not what killed the PS3 launch.

"its the same milked IPs, infamous and killzone"

yeah, and driveclub, knack, the witness, destiny, deep down, and watchdogs..... moron

"no backwards compatibility"

because clearly we are buying a PS4 primarily to play ps1, ps2, and ps3 games. riigght

"the conference wasn't lively enough"

yeah. all we had was in depth details on console specs, features and games. **** all that nonsense. what it needed was Usher. that is what we watch a gaming conference to see


you may think im making some of these up, but you can go on articles, on youtube, forums, and see people spewing this nonsense. it's crazy.

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Irishguy953559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

People spew nonsense defending the Ps4 too

"Ps4 will be a beast"

No, no it won't be a beast. We have the specs and they are confirmed. It's what you would expect. Nothing more, there are MUCH more powerful 'beasts' out there. Ps4 isn't one and it's not supposed to be. If it was a beast of a system it would defeat the purpose of a console(cheap enough, prebuilt hardware) and would have heating issues. Some GPU's alone cost 500+. They are the 'beasts' atm.

And god.. going from 4Gb - 8gb's GDDR-5 Ram. People think that will somehow have a drastic affect on the performance or quality of the games. That is the reason Sony and companies in general talk about Ram. Non tech savvy folk have no idea what it means.

Edit- See even the author of the article has no ****ing clue

"The PlayStation 4 will now also support NVIDIA’s PhysX and APEX. PhysX is already widely used in games and other applications; it is a real-time physics engine with features including discrete and continuous collision detection, raycasting and shape sweeps, solvers for rigid body dynamics, fluids, and particles, as well as vehicle and character controllers. APEX on the other hand, is a multi-platform, scalable dynamics framework, which puts the artist into the driver seat to quickly create dynamic interactive content. Just imagine a game where most, if not all, of the environment is destructible. Something that very few games could accomplish on the PS3."

Supporting them doesn't mean they will be standard in every game or that the system will even be able to handle them with "ALL of the environment is destructible". My old geforce 8600 could support DX 10. Doesn't mean it could actually use it well. The Ps3 supported Native 1080P. How many games used Native 1080P?

yes multiconsole gamers. It's like a mid range gaming laptop. Without the features of a laptop.

The amount of disagrees only shows how much idiocy there is on N4G. Also Qrphe. Don't d#ask why even bother. When you have to see titles like "Ps4 is a beast, deal with it" when it's simply untrue. 'Deal with it' suggest the author thinks he is correct adn that no one can dispute him. More people come into the article yet again to spread BS about it.

I dare anyone to prove me wrong, prove Killzone has done anything more than Crysis 3 has done, don't BS about gameplay, i'm not talking about Crysis 3's bad game design, i'm talking purely about technical performance since that is what this article is about and graphical fidelity. Not art style either @ lulz boat.

Qrphe3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Why even argue? They've already shown what the power of the PS4 is, not on paper, but with tech demos and actual games in progress (E3 is not even here yet). Many of us have already seen the graphical jump we've been longing for while others aren't as pleased yet; minds have already been made up.

This LITERALLY happens every generation yet people argue and argue as if it was any different this one time.

JoGam3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Im now blind for reading the crap you just post. Thanks

Lulz_Boat3559d ago

please, show me a game visually better than killzone SW.

Xer0_SiN3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

lol. so what? whatever makes you feel better about talking down about the ps4 right? regardless of what you say. the ps4 IS beast. this is a console. not a personal computer. the ps4 is a dedicated gaming machine and with the specs that was given and EARLY gameplay footage, this is leaps and bounds better than curent gen. you use your pc to play mindsweeper, solitare, and browse the local criagslist. of course you can "make" the pc a better gaming rig, but why? and at what cost? we are talking affordability, name recoginition, and VALUE! im not even going to get into games, both multiplat AND exclusives you cant get on your personal computer. get out of here with your non sense.

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DigitalSmoke3559d ago

Crysis 3 came out almost 4 years later, but anyway KZ's "per pixel Motion Blurr" says hallo.
Now don't even start about graphical fidelity because the way Crysis has been stamped together is lazy and clunky as hell.
Adding effects already present in Direct X doesn't equall quality GFX, Crysis has rain drops circle the ground lapping over one and other all over the place, just lazy shit.
Cut off textures and weird animation loops.
The game feels like it has no soul.

Killzone ha these effects hand writen on places, no silly lazy mistakes like that.
Funny how you don't wanto talk about Crysis its bad game design ROflCoptakopterLulylolylolz...

steven83r3559d ago

Where did you get 4GB ram? PS3 had 512MB.

knowyourstuff3558d ago

While some trolls will try and say the PS4 doesn't compare to PC's out there, you need to compare apples to apples. Show me a PC that costs less than $500 that performs like the PS4. Can't? Exactly.

It's all about performance divided by price. If you need to spend 3 grand on a PC to run graphics that look as good as PS4's Killzone, you're doing it wrong. The value proposition just isn't there. It's like comparing a Ferrari 458 to a Nissan GTR. You can get similar performance numbers on tracks out of both, but one costs 2-3 times as much as the other.

N4g_null3558d ago

Lots of laptops preform like the ps4.... Still not sure why I would get one since it is a step down from my laptop.

Let me make it simple for you tech isn't going to impress me if you are not matching preformance of my older tech.

Sony has one thing I could want and that is games, yet I don't like any thing they have shown. So trying to wow people just on the tech front is sort of lame when we know what this tech can pretty much do, yes these are tweaks to trinity. Still waiting on benchmarks. Also welcome to pc gaming kids.

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smashcrashbash3559d ago

I don't think you are making any of this stuff up Look at bullymangLer.He is just one of the examples of the dumb things people will say to put down the PS4 because they are upset that it exists.They most likely were praying and hoping Sony would go bankrupt so it wouldn't exist or that Sony would take long enough for the Wii U and next Xbox to get a huge lead. But now that the PS4 exists it puts a damper on any of those wishes.Now Sony has a developer friendly console that they helped create with focus on social aspects with developers praising the system left and right it won't be the same ball game.

Most fanboys already had it planned out in their head.Nintendo would have a huge lead, Microsoft would coming right afterwards and they would take most of the market share and leave the scraps for Sony who would be coming dragging in with the their next gen console last. But now that they are showing they are not messing around this time people are having sleepless nights and telling themselves that the PS4 is not real and there is no way it can compete to reassure themselves.

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kikizoo3559d ago

DK, ps3 gamers, and future ps4 owners don't even click on xbox articles, why would you want them to do it, since they have all the games since more than 5 years, free games, free online, etc..and they know how ms has treated consumers this gen, even with a better hardware, they'll not buy a xbox.

fsfsxii3559d ago

No one should whine after this comment @arbitor

iGamerZero243559d ago

It's called "benig a Virgin" when you don't experience it everything in your hobby is SALTY........

nosferatuzodd3559d ago

Indeed i have a xbox360 and a wii and a ps3 but i like ps3 the most then the wii, i cant get into 360 because the two main games they have i dont like halo and gears if they make more IP'S then maybe i'll look over to their court more but for now noway im staying with nintendo and sony

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MultiConsoleGamer3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Impressive hardware, decent feature set (except for that facebook crap) and it's built in the post-Kutaragi era.

The PS4 will be Sony's best console to date. It's like a strong PC without all the hassle that comes with a PC.

WeAreLegion3559d ago

Why do I hear complaints from people about Facebook integration? It's a nice feature. Do you not use Facebook?

KwietStorm_BLM3559d ago

I don't use Facebook, but people have been complaining about it because they don't want to deal with any forced integration for something they don't care to use/see, when they just want to game. Now, I don't foresee it being a problem if you don't want to use it, but we'll have to wait until they expound on the new PSN ecosystem.

JeffGUNZ3559d ago

It was a big deal when MS added it to live, yet when Sony does it, it's suddenly cool and no big deal.

Dms20123559d ago

Wow, you said one slightly negative thing and get disagrees. You people need to take your meds.

Bumpmapping3559d ago

PS4 crafted by the hands of God aka Sony.


HappyWithOneBubble3559d ago

Once the beast is unleashed it can't be contained.

Cryptcuzz3559d ago

What do Daigo Umehara and the PS4 have in common?

They both are the beast!!!

Okay...I suck! Lol

You may proceed.

Cryptcuzz3559d ago


He fell off his beastly throne laughing in the face of his haters finally seeing him lose a few games :)

He might have not done his best this recent generation, but he will come back next gen ready to take on the competition and show them why he has been the best for the past few generations.

Just like the PS3 and now the beastly PS4. Boo Ya!

PurpHerbison3559d ago

Well he had a very, very strong run in the beginning of this gen. But his decline happened after he lost to Jago, and then lost to Marn later in that same tournament awhile back. Since then he has not been the same threat. But I think part of that is due to players realizing he can be beat and breaking down that mental block... No doubt, still a threat... but he just isn't that Beast we once knew. The new Beast on the block is Infiltration for sure.. but as far as Japan goes I would say Fuudo in overall beastliness. I'll be surprised though if Daigo comes back full force.

Cryptcuzz3559d ago

That is why you gotta believe or shall I say; Make.Believe!

Just as the competition feel like they know how to beat the PS3, the PS4 changes up the game and alters its strategy and plans on how to regain its beastly throne, so will Daigo.

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